Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Normandy, France

Normandy was surreal, to say the least. We spent a large amount of our time at D-Day landing sites and various American cemeteries. I say surreal, because at the D-Day sites, we were standing in the exact location where the soldiers scaled cliffs and stormed beaches after landing in planes or coming in from boats. I had learned so much about World War II and D-Day in school, but never was able to fully envision what the soldiers were up against when they landed on the coast of France.

The whole trip was largely perspective-changing. The sites were ironically beautiful - if you happened upon them without any knowledge of their history, you'd think they were gorgeous. But once you realize the events that took place on the same grounds, a solemn feeling sets in.

It's hard to imagine what occurred on that day in 1944, but hopefully these photos can provide some context.


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