Monday, June 20, 2016

Florence, Italy

After two days in Rome, we took a train to Florence! We arrived just as the sun was setting and got to see the famous Ponte Vecchio in the distance on our way to dinner. Per usual, the quality of the food did not fail.

The next morning, we got up early to see the Ponte Vecchio before it was overwhelmed by tourists and then made our way to the Uffizi Museum, which houses Michelangelo's famous David statue. After, we explored the leather markets in the area - each market had an array of colorful wallets, bags, and various knick-knacks, all smelling like fresh leather.

For lunch, we made our way to a place famous for its oversized sandwiches. The line took 30 minutes to get through, but it was well worth it considering how good the sandwiches were. We didn't have too many plans for that day, so we took to wandering the area and came upon the famous Duomo. It was spectacular in person, with detailing in the architecture so intricate that a photo can't properly capture it. The view of the Duomo below is from the top of the clock tower in the middle of town.

That evening, we took our time with dinner and made our way to a gelato place before heading back to the hotel. The amount of gelato consumed on this trip was immense, but well worth it.

And finally, the following day saw our last lunch in Italy and then we made our way to the airport for a plane ride back to Paris!



  1. These photos are absolutely gorgeous!!

    Rachel /