Tuesday, March 8, 2016

24 Thoughts of a First-Time Skier

As you may have seen in my Spring Break Necessities post, I'm currently skiing for the first time in Beaver Creek, Colorado! It's quite the experience, to say the least. (You can check out some of my photos on Instagram!) Here are my thoughts!

1//I've got my ski pants, jacket(s), gloves, boots, helmet, and skis. Finally. That rental process took forever.

2//This town is so cute! And the weather is so nice! I'm not even that cold!

3//Alright, we're going up the gondola. I don't have to put my skis on yet. Perfect!

4//Annnnd we're at the top. How the heck am I supposed to get these skis on my feet without falling?

5//All right, the boots are snapped in. 

6//Wait, now I have to move? With giant wooden boards strapped to my feet?? How???

7//Okay. I'm gliding on flat ground. This isn't too bad.

8//Help. Help!!! How do I stop????

9//Annnnnd I fell.

10//Wait. Now how do I get up?

 11//I feel like a kid learning to walk for the first time. While an earthquake is going on.

12//Okay so I made it down the mini 50-foot flat slope without falling. I'm good to go, right?

13//Help I've fallen and I can't get up.

15//Wait, I actually have to do the bunny slope? With actual hills?

16//Annnnd I slid down the entire slope. And everyone laughed at me.

17//How does a ski lift work? What if the chair knocks me over and I don't get on in time?

18//What if I drop my ski poles while I'm on the lift?

19//What if I fall off the lift???

20//Everyone trips when they get off the lift for the first time, right? Right??

21//Alright, back down the bunny slope. I only fell twice!!

22//These boots are the worst. I don't think I'll ever feel my feet again.

23//Wait, it's already the end of the day?

24//Here's hoping I don't fall too much tomorrow...


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  1. I went skiing for the first time last year and these thoughts are so accurate! Hope you're having a fun trip.

    XO, Brooke