Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Snow Day at UGA

Last week, we finally got some snow! I thought I'd never see any given all the oddly warm weather we've been having. Sadly, it wasn't enough to cancel classes, mainly because it all melted about an hour after it finished snowing. Also - thank goodness for the Patagonia I recently got (seen in the photo below); it's quite possibly the warmest/best thing I own at the moment.

In reference to the photo above, I definitely got some weird looks while walking around with iced coffee in the middle of a "snow-storm." It was so worth it, though.

At one point, I was studying in the student center when all of a sudden the snow turned into what looked like a full-on blizzard. Of course, it most definitely was not, but it was still exciting for the south. I abandoned my laptop and notebooks to go outside and took the photo above. The best part was that multiple people did the same thing - I actually ended up running into a high school friend that had taken a break from school work to go out into the snow, as well.

And of course, I had to get a photo of the famous UGA arch in the snow.


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