Monday, February 1, 2016

Building Friendships in College

I'm a month into the second semester of my freshman year at UGA and it's already so different than the first. While this seems a little obvious, I had no idea what to expect from second semester. I left for winter break feeling like I had made a few friends and done a few things, but nothing felt solid - I wasn't sure if the friendships I'd started were strong enough or if I had any close friends at all, really. Honestly, I felt pretty lost.

I talked a little about my friend situation over the break with one of my good friends who is a sophomore in college and she said that it really does take more time than you think. She assured me that she didn't start to solidify her friend group until second semester of her freshman year. Even halfway through her sophomore year, she still feels like her friend group and close friends shift around a little. It made sense, but I still felt uneasy.

Flash forward to present day and I can tell you that my friend's advice rings so true. I've become closer with a few girls in my sorority and with my roommate's friend group, all in the time span of a few weeks. (Side note: I'm best friends with my roommate, and if that isn't the biggest blessing in the world, then I don't know what is.) Having the transition of first semester out of the way seems to make focusing on friends a little easier.

And sometimes, it's incredibly hard to remember that I've only been at UGA more a mere five or so months - I feel like everything should have fallen into place already, when in reality, that isn't supposed to have happened at all. Things are going to continue to change and I'm beginning to realize there's not much else I can do except accept it and keep moving forward.

That being said, I'm going to continue trying to build on my current friendships and also reach out to others that I want to become closer with this semester.

To college freshmen - what are you all's experience so far with making new friends?

To older college students and college grads - any advice?


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  1. Hi Caitlin,
    I'm a junior at UNC, and your friends are right: your friend groups will keep shifting. My third year in, and sometimes I still feel as though I don't have the most solid core group of friends. People change, people go abroad, people move off campus or on opposite ends of campus, you begin to form friendships within your major, sometimes friend groups split up. The best piece of advice I can give you is work on making meaningful relationships and try to check up on people you have met.

    I have a friend from my high school who has been like my little brother that attends my uni, yet we only see one another two or three times a semester. We text each other often and send encouraging quotes and things of that nature,but we have such demanding schedules that we can't always physically see each other. Sometimes it's knowing that you're on someone's mind and in their prayers that will help that friendship survive,even the ones you least expect.

    Take care.
    xx Aitza Briauna |