Monday, February 29, 2016

Spring Break Necessities

Spring break is so soon and I am very, very ready. In a break from tradition, I won't be going to the beach for spring break for the first time ever - instead, I'm going skiing in Beaver Creek, Colorado! I've never been skiing before and it's safe to say I'm excited! Here's hoping I don't break any limbs... Anyway, I'm sure most of you are headed to a warmer destination, so here's what would be in my bag if I were going to the beach!

Spring Break Necessities

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Friday, February 26, 2016

How to De-Stress During Midterms

As I'm in the midst of midterms, I find myself, as I'm sure most of you are, stressing way more than usual. There are endless papers, projects, and tests and I can't help feeling like there isn't enough time in the day. I use a few different methods to take the focus away from the stress, so I thought I'd share them!

Take a Walk
As cliche as it sounds, it always helps to get fresh air. When I've been studying all day, I'll text a friend and we'll walk to Starbucks. It's the perfect way to relax and you get caffeine out of the deal!

Use a Face Mask
If you don't have a face mask, washing your face works just as well. I find that this makes me feel refreshed - almost as if I'd taken a nap!

Take a Shower
This goes along the same lines as a face mask/washing your face. If you feel super discouraged about studying, it really helps to take a shower. When I do this, I feel like I've pushed a "reset" button on my day.

Watch a TV Show
While this sounds counter-productive, it seriously helps. It's too easy to become bogged down in studying and sometimes your brain needs a break. Watch an episode or two of Friends or The Office and then get back to the grind.

Online Shop
The beauty of online shopping is the mindlessness that goes into it. Similar to the idea of watching TV as a study break, browsing through J. Crew's website gives you a moment to forget about your tests and projects.

Make a List
I personally enjoy visualizing all the things I have to do. When they're broken down into a tangible list made of check boxes, I can envision how to accomplish all of it.

Organize Your Desk
When things are messy, I get distracted easily and can't concentrate. If you take a minute or two to organize your study area, the distractions become smaller and it's easier to focus.

Hope these help!


Friday, February 19, 2016

The Week in Links

1//So a cool thing happened - I got featured on the Vineyard Vines Instagram!!

2//Did you see that we got some snow at UGA?

3//Carly posted about her experience at the Kate Spade presentation from Fashion Week!

4//Have you shopped the 40% off sale at Nordstrom yet?

5//Starbucks has a new Butterscotch Latte and it's so, so good.

6//Lilly Pulitzer has some pretty sweet new arrivals. I especially love this dress.

7//Love this outfit from Julia on Gal Meets Glam.

8//Maybe I'm a little late to the game, but I've started watching Parks and Rec and it's hilarious.

9//These photos from the oldest street in America are adorable.

10//I watched The Revenant the other day and it was a bit terrifying - have you seen it/what do you think?


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Snow Day at UGA

Last week, we finally got some snow! I thought I'd never see any given all the oddly warm weather we've been having. Sadly, it wasn't enough to cancel classes, mainly because it all melted about an hour after it finished snowing. Also - thank goodness for the Patagonia I recently got (seen in the photo below); it's quite possibly the warmest/best thing I own at the moment.

In reference to the photo above, I definitely got some weird looks while walking around with iced coffee in the middle of a "snow-storm." It was so worth it, though.

At one point, I was studying in the student center when all of a sudden the snow turned into what looked like a full-on blizzard. Of course, it most definitely was not, but it was still exciting for the south. I abandoned my laptop and notebooks to go outside and took the photo above. The best part was that multiple people did the same thing - I actually ended up running into a high school friend that had taken a break from school work to go out into the snow, as well.

And of course, I had to get a photo of the famous UGA arch in the snow.


Friday, February 12, 2016

The Week in Links

1//Did you see Warby Parker's new spring collection??

2//Anthropologie is giving an extra 40% off of their sale items.

3//Did you hear that J.K. Rowling is releasing an eighth Harry Potter book??!!???

4//My not-so-typical Valentine's Day look as a part of a #GalPalLinkup.

5//Apparently two black holes collided and scientists heard space for the first time. Crazy.

6//So, so in love with these ruffled shirts from J. Crew.

7//These new arrivals from KJP are so good - especially this one.

8//Did you know there's over $200,000 of stuff in the Oscars gift bags???

9//Speaking of which, have you seen any of the nominees? I'm in the process of watching them all.

10//Lastly, we got snow at UGA the other day!!


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Not So Typical Valentine's Day Look

Welcome to another installment of Gal Pal Linkups! With Valentine's Day coming up, the theme for this time around is "Love is in the Air." For someone who doesn't own much pink to begin with, I thought I'd share a date night outfit that works for Valentine's Day if you don't feel like dressing within the theme of the holiday. To be honest, this outfit could work for any date night!

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Warby Parker x YTP

By now, I'm sure most have discovered the wonderful glasses brand, Warby Parker. For those who are new to the name, Warby Parker is awesome for a few reasons, one of them being that for every pair of glasses purchased, they distribute a pair to someone in need. Another cool thing they do is their Home Try-On program, where you can order up to five pairs to try on at home for free.

When Warby Parker reached out to me to help share their new Spring collection and their new sunglasses collection, Sun Collective, I was so excited to see some new, great styles! On the eyeglasses side, there are some pretty interesting transparent frames with a subtle band of color - the perfect balance of simplicity and fun. As for the sunglasses, they've paired their classic silhouette with a new lens shape to create a fun frame.

All of the frames are so bright and fun-loving - it'd be hard to choose a favorite. I only wear sunglasses, but if you're a daily-glasses-wearer, the new options are pretty neat! I especially love the strip of tortoise-shell around the rim in some of the pairs.

Overall, the new collection is nothing short of unique. You'd be hard-pressed to choose just one pair, which is why the Home Try-On program is so fun! Make sure to check that out here.

What do you think of the new collection?


Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Swan House - An Atlanta Must

If you live in Atlanta or are just stopping by, the Swan House is a must. First of all, it's gorgeous. My friends and I had so much fun exploring the grounds. It really is a hidden gem in Atlanta, especially because it's right in town. I had no idea it existed until a month or two ago!

Second, parts of the Hunger Games were filmed there! Recognize the house in the first two pictures? It was President Snow's house in the films, as well as the location of the big Capitol party. It was so neat to think that Jennifer Lawrence had walked right where we were.

Bonus tip - the Swan House is right near Shake Shack! It made for a perfect stop after a long day of walking around.


Monday, February 1, 2016

Building Friendships in College

I'm a month into the second semester of my freshman year at UGA and it's already so different than the first. While this seems a little obvious, I had no idea what to expect from second semester. I left for winter break feeling like I had made a few friends and done a few things, but nothing felt solid - I wasn't sure if the friendships I'd started were strong enough or if I had any close friends at all, really. Honestly, I felt pretty lost.

I talked a little about my friend situation over the break with one of my good friends who is a sophomore in college and she said that it really does take more time than you think. She assured me that she didn't start to solidify her friend group until second semester of her freshman year. Even halfway through her sophomore year, she still feels like her friend group and close friends shift around a little. It made sense, but I still felt uneasy.

Flash forward to present day and I can tell you that my friend's advice rings so true. I've become closer with a few girls in my sorority and with my roommate's friend group, all in the time span of a few weeks. (Side note: I'm best friends with my roommate, and if that isn't the biggest blessing in the world, then I don't know what is.) Having the transition of first semester out of the way seems to make focusing on friends a little easier.

And sometimes, it's incredibly hard to remember that I've only been at UGA more a mere five or so months - I feel like everything should have fallen into place already, when in reality, that isn't supposed to have happened at all. Things are going to continue to change and I'm beginning to realize there's not much else I can do except accept it and keep moving forward.

That being said, I'm going to continue trying to build on my current friendships and also reach out to others that I want to become closer with this semester.

To college freshmen - what are you all's experience so far with making new friends?

To older college students and college grads - any advice?