Friday, January 29, 2016

The Week in Links

These first three weeks back on campus after winter break have been much busier than I thought - between adjusting to new classes, catching up with friends, and sorority events, I haven't had much down time. But, I've been loving every minute of it! It's so good to be back at UGA and I'm loving all the time I get to spend with friends. Anyway, here are my favorite links of the week!

1//This Kate Spade watch is adorable and I kind of need it.

2//Sarah's post on Classy Girls Wear Pearls is definitely worth a look.

3//Did you see my latest outfit post?

4//This gallery of Paris street style photos is making me want to take a trip right now.

5//Patagonia is having a huge sale!!

6//I really need a pair of white jeans. Any suggestions?

7//Make sure to check out my interview with Classy Cathleen!

8//This article about style lessons to take from JFK is pretty fun.

9//I did a face mask for the first time and I really liked it - do y'all have any favorites?

10//I watched Bridge of Spies the other day and it was good! Check it out.


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

An Interview With Classy Cathleen

Happy Wednesday! I'd like to introduce you all to Miss Cathleen Slagle of Classy Cathleen. She's a lovely person and an even lovelier friend - if you haven't checked out her blog, take a look! For now, here's a bit about Cathleen.

1//Hey Cath! It’s great to talk with you today. Tell us a little about you and your blog!

Hey there! So I'm Cathleen Slagle and I am the blogger behind Classy Cathleen. My blog is a personal style and lifestyle blog that is a little over 2 years old. I live right near the heart of South Carolina, and I am a sophomore in high school. Photography is one of my biggest passions as well as eating ice cream. On my blog you can find pretty much just ramblings of a high school girl with some fashion sprinkled here and there.

2//Speaking of your blog, what’s your favorite post you’ve ever published?

Wow, Caitlin, this one is kinda tough... I'd have to say my "What its like to be a 15 year old blogger" as well as my huge list of favorite movies that I'm always adding to!

3//Your outfit posts are always adorable – what are your favorite pieces in your closet?

Again, another tough question! I could never part with my fur vest or J.Crew gingham button downs. Oh and my bean boots!

4//You always seem to be hiking or camping or exploring places with your family – what are your favorite places to go?

That's true... When I'm not blogging or at school, I'm most likely on a trail or in a canoe! I have been to all the state parks in South Carolina about 5 times each (there are 47 parks) and I just can't pick a favorite. I do enjoy visiting Pickens, South Carolina and Table Rock State Park, but Edisto beach and Hunting Island are also favorites of mine.

5//If you could travel to anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

I've always dreamed of visiting either the lesser known biggish cities in Europe (ex. Balboa, Spain) but Notting Hill has me swooning as well. More recently I've wanted to head to South America and just visit all the countries down there and hike, eat, and just immerse in the culture. So as you can tell, I dream big.

6//Tell us a little about how you balance being a high schooler and a blogger.

Well, I'm not sure if I'm quite the best person to ask about this... I don't get even a fraction of the posts published that I would like to because of school. But for the most part I like to save one afternoon a week to work on only blog and social media related content. This seems to be working out decently for me!

7//What items help keep you organized?

I'm not an organized person. Not at all. My agenda definitely keeps me more put together as well as my North Face backpack. Somehow I manage to keep my backpack clean and neat but my desk is most often a wreck. I like using small trays and magazine holder type things to separate important papers from school and to hold random but still significant items on my desk.

8//Your siblings are adorable! What are some of your favorite things to do with them?

Forcing them to take pictures of me and cook with me of course! And they make excellent travel companions and have acquired quite the eye for insta worthy opps and blog worthy backgrounds.

9//Favorite Instagram accounts – go.

Um you, duh! But honestly I have so many... @frassyaudrey is one of my favorites because of its overall chicness, @disneydamsel because all of her posts are so fun, and @alishlylishy because ALL of her posts are colorful and always brighten my day.

10//And finally, if you could tell your pre-blogging self one thing, what would it be?  

If I had coffee with my pre-blogging self I would have a lot of things to say... Just life related because I was only 13 when I started this insane journey, but blogging related? Don't be too trusting and have your own back. This sounds terrible and like I have major trust issues or something (which I do, thanks for noticing), but what I mean is not everyone out there is who or what they seem to be. You need to be connecting with people and making friends, but you also need to be open to ANY possibility and not just naively go into everything. Think with your head.

Make sure to check out Cathleen on social media:


Saturday, January 23, 2016

5 Ways to Save Money in College

Between dinners and lunches out with friends, spontaneous trips to Target and the grocery store, and all other random expenses, I've found it quite easy to spend more than I wanted to. I'm generally good at keeping up with my finances, but there are so many temptations, especially in college. In high school, I was in class all day and then I would go home and do homework. College brings much more free time, which means much more time for some of things I mentioned above. Here are my tips from what I've learned so far.

1//Skip that coffee.
I know, it's hard. And it's the most cliche advice out there - but, it works. Think about it. If you get coffee three or so times a week for about ~5$ per cup, you'd be saving ~15$ per week, which you could either save or put towards a dinner out with friends. Invest in your own coffee maker and you could save even more over time and still have your coffee.

2//Avoid online shopping.
I don't know about you, but there isn't much decent shopping in my college town. So, I generally resort to online shopping. Because online shopping is such an impersonal experience, it's way too easy to fill up a cart and check out without feeling like you're spending a lot. Plus, if something doesn't fit, it's always a struggle to return it.

3//Try to go a week without spending once a month.
It's easier than it sounds, I promise. If you're on the meal plan, stick to the meal plan and avoid the temptation of eating out. Do activities that don't include spending money - go on a hike, go to the gym, organize your room, etc.

4//Use cash instead of cards.
Just like skipping coffee, this is also a cliche piece of advice, but it works so well. Withdraw a certain amount of money at the beginning of each week and only use that. Physically seeing how much money I have left for a week helps me use it sparingly and I generally end up with some leftover at the end because of it.

5//You don't need every single t-shirt.
This especially applies to those in greek life - I get emails from our t-shirt chair almost every week about some new t-shirt. At first, I ordered practically all of them, until I realized I don't need 25 t-shirts that all kind of look the same. It saves quite a bit to skip out on a few t-shirts every now and then. And even if you aren't in greek life, it's always hard to pass up the new spirit wear in the school bookstore. Just walk past it and stay strong!

What do you do to save money?


Monday, January 18, 2016

January Playlist

Playlists are too fun to make. I haven't been listening to too much new music lately, aside from a few recent radio hits, so I thought I'd put together a few of my favorite songs of late. Speaking of the radio hits, I used to not be a big Bieber fan, but his new album might have me changing my mind. If you haven't heard the acoustic version of "Love Yourself" yet, it's definitely worth a listen.


Friday, January 15, 2016

Vintage J. Crew Covers

Perhaps one of my favorite places to look to for style inspiration is vintage photos - it's so fun to see how styles have evolved from the past. The best place to look? J. Crew catalogue covers! Here are a few of my favorites.


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Fair Isle in the City

One of my new Atlanta favorites? Ponce City Market. If you've ever been to/seen pictures of Chelsea Market in New York or just a food hall in general, it's similar to that. There are quite a few restaurants and plenty of shops - they have everything from Anthropologie to J. Crew to Madewell, along with cute boutiques. It's an Atlanta-must!


Friday, January 8, 2016

What to Bring to Class

With second semester starting up, I thought I'd share a few of the items that rarely leave my purse. Around the end of last semester, my roommate gave me a Longchamp bag for Christmas - long story short, I use it constantly now! It's especially great for class because of how durable it is. Plus, it's holds all of these things and more!

Perfume Pen//Perfect for those days when you forget perfume!

SheMergency Kit//It has all the things you might need, from pins to buttons to nail polish to earring backs and everything in-between.

Planner//I don't know what I'd do without a planner! While I mainly use the calendar on my phone these days, it's nice to be able to see a whole month in one view on paper.

Extension Cord//This is definitely something I never guessed I would need, but sometimes it's really tough to find a plug that's close enough, especially when you need it most, so I always carry an extension cord just in case.

Mini Hairbrush//I don't know about you, but my hair seems to mess itself up whenever I do anything, so I always make sure to have a hairbrush on hand.

Water Bottle//I've found that I move around much more while at college, which is why I try to stay hydrated by carrying a water bottle with me at all times.

Pencil Pouch//To hold all your pens and pencils, of course!

Portable Phone Charger//For the days you forget your phone charger or when you aren't near enough to a plug! Sometimes I feel a little lost if my phone is dead, so this is a must have.

Laptop and Laptop Case//I didn't think a laptop case would be too much of a help, but I constantly have my laptop with me so I don't know what I would do without the case - it keeps it scratch-free!

What do you bring to class?


Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A Weekend Adventure - Chattanooga & Knoxville

Last weekend, my family took a little weekend trip to Chattanooga, TN and the Smoky Mountains in Knoxville, TN. One of my good friends lives in Chattanooga, so I made sure to plan a visit. We also went to Rock City in Chattanooga, which was decked to the nines in Christmas lights. While the holidays may be over, it's always fun to see some last minute decorations before they're all taken down for a year.

The mountains were also gorgeous, as always. It was quite chilly up at the top, but well worth it because of the view.

Below is the Walnut Street Bridge in Chattanooga. It spans over the Tennessee River and is quite the sight. I had such a good time walking along the bridge - it makes for a great people-watching spot, as well.

It's always a good day when I get to see my best friend from camp! We became friends over many years of going to the same camp - we only see each other but two or three times a year, but we always have the best time.

Once again, the lights at Rock City were phenomenal. Imagine many, many trails and pathways lit up and decorated by Christmas lights and that would be Rock City during the holidays!

It was also nice to get back to the mountains. I hadn't been in a while and it's quite easy to forget the breathtaking views.

Although the trip was short, it was still wonderful. I'd love to make it back to the mountains more often and potentially do some hiking sometime this year.

Outfit 2 - shirt//jeans//necklace (c/o)