Wednesday, December 16, 2015

21 Thoughts You Have on Finals Week

With finals coming to a close, I just thought I'd share some of the thoughts that definitely ran through my head during the last week and a half. It's hard to believe that I'm done with my first semester of college, but it's been a wonderful time! I'll post more on that later, but for now, enjoy some of my finals thoughts.

1. Alright, time to study.

2. After three more episodes of The Office, that is...

3. Okay, now it's REALLY time to study.

4. I need caffeine or else my notes will become a pillow.

5. Crap. I forgot how much I hated coffee.

6. When's the last time I showered?

7. Eh, oh well. 

8. Better yet - when's the last time I ate a full meal?

9. Which reminds me, I haven't eaten dinner yet.

10. Cookies make for a well-balanced dinner.

11. *orders cookies for delivery*

12. Hey, this video looks hilarious.

13. I better watch twelve more of these videos while I wait for my cookies.

14. Well, my coffee's cold now, so it's just even worse now.

15. I really need to review these notes.

16. Oh my gosh. I know none of this.

17. Can someone remind me how to speak English again?

18. Do you think I could pay someone to take my exams for me?

19. If I fail can I just become rich and famous instead?

20. Yessss the cookies are here!

21. Well look at that - it's 3am. Better actually study now.

Good Luck on Finals!


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  1. This is way too accurate! I have my last midterm tomorrow but it feels like exam weeks are always the longest!