Friday, October 2, 2015

The Week in Links

1//My roommate's mom made the necklace I'm wearing in this post - isn't it the cutest?

2//Don't miss 40% off of sale at J. Crew!

3//Carly's post about staying safe on social media - it's definitely more important than we realize.

4//Have y'all heard of theSkimm? It's my fave way to get news.

5//Freaking out over the fact that you can eat Christmas dinner in the Hogwarts Great Hall.

6//Adorable ankle booties for only $27? Count me in.

7//Definitely check out Cathleen's hilarious account of what goes through her head during a day of school.

8//If you can't tell, I'm definitely obsessed with fall.

9//This man built a mini-train for puppies, and it's the cutest thing ever.

10//A staple you need in your fall wardrobe.


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