Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Week in Links

It's incredible to think that I've already been at college for almost a month. The time has flown by, and now I really get why people tell you freshman year goes by so quickly. It's been quite a learning curve attempting to adjust to college life, but luckily I've been surrounded by great friends, some new, some old. 

So much has been happening that it's been hard to keep up with what's going on outside of college, but I'm excited to bring back my "Week in Links" series. I feel like these are such fun posts to look back on and see what I was "into" at the time. So, here's what I've been looking at this week.

1//This perfect gingham shirt from J. Crew that needs to be in your fall wardrobe.

2//Get your L.L. Bean Boots before they go out of stock! (And they're 10% off right now!)

3//I've been looking at my quote board on Pinterest a lot lately.

4//Have you seen Carly's posts about Bonaire? The photos are incredible.

5//Check out some snaps from my instagram.

6//Pretty much in love with this color-blocked shirt from LOFT (and it's on sale!)

7//Loved this look from Frannie of The Blonde Prep.

9//I've been reading The Goldfinch lately, and I absolutely love it so far!

10//This funny BuzzFeed article about Hoverboards - those handless segway things. People ride these around at my school, so this was funny to see.


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