Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Transitioning to Fall

This weekend was Parent's Weekend at UGA and it was so nice to spend time with my family. We went to the UGA vs. Southern football game and ate some quality food - well, at this point, anything is better than dining hall food. My sorority hosted a few events over the weekend as well, so it was nice to introduce my parents to some friends and show them the Delta Zeta house.

My parents left Saturday night, so Sunday morning I went to brunch with my roommate's family, which is what I wore this outfit to. It's getting chilly out, but not to the point where I need a jacket, which is why shirts like the one I'm wearing work as great transition pieces for not-quite-fall, but not-quite-summer weather. 

Also, my roommate's mom made the necklace I'm wearing, isn't it the cutest? She's thinking about opening an Etsy shop for her necklaces - if she does, there might be a potential giveaway here on the blog! :)


Monday, September 28, 2015

Fall Pinspiration

Fall is the best season, hands down. I'm sure you're tired of hearing me say that, but it just is. From pumpkin patches, to warmly-colored leaves, to apple cider, to pumpkin spice lattes, I love everything about it. That being said, you can imagine how full of Fall my Pinterest currently is, so I thought I'd share some recent Fall finds. :)


Thursday, September 24, 2015

Last Hint of Summer

Even though yesterday was the first day of fall, the weather still seems to think it's summer down here in Georgia. Every part of wishes I could've thrown a cute cardigan and some riding boots on with this outfit, but I probably would have shown up to the meeting I was going to drenched in sweat. (Lovely image, I know.)

Every Tuesday I have a meeting at my sorority called Chapter - sometimes we have to dress up for it, and this outfit was for one of those times! To be perfectly honest, it felt so odd to wear nice clothes because the uniform of everyone at UGA is generally yoga pants/nike shorts and a t-shirt. While I do enjoy comfort, it's always a nice change to wear "real" clothes. 

Also - how cute is that skirt? I was surprised to find it at Forever 21 - and for only 14$!


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Classically Fall


gingham shirt//j. crew flats//kate spade wallet//tortoise shell bracelet//sweater//rayban clubmasters//j. crew vest//kate spade watch//tory burch boots//baublebar tassle necklace//jeans

Putting together outfits for Fall is so much fun. There are endless possibilities with layering, shoes, jewelry, etc. Although the color palette for fall/winter tends to take a turn toward the neutral side, it's fun to play off of one color and create a theme within the outfit. If you couldn't tell from my overuse of it above, wine-like color that is trending in the Fall arrivals is definitely a favorite right now.


Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Week in Links

image via

1//Just another striped shirt to add to the collection.

2//This 1-year-old accidentally got a happy 101st birthday card from the White House!

3//Check out these galleries from J. Crew fashion weeks all the way back to 2012.

4//If you haven't seen Lauren Wells' Instagram, you're missing out.

5//Speaking of Instagram, check out what I've been up to lately.

6//Since I go to UGA, I can't help but love this UGA-themed corn maze!

7//Can't get enough of these new arrivals for fall.

8//Absolutely in love with Carly's fall finds.

9//Since we're on the topic of fall, check out Cathleen's fall outfits!

10//Need a vest for fall/winter? This one is everything.


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New Arrivals For Fall

Fall Arrivals

striped shirt//yellow peacoat//ankle booties//tortoise-shell sunglasses//navy skirt//blazer//tory burch boots//burgundy heels//round ray-bans//plaid shirt//necklace//jeans

Fall is truly my favorite season for clothes. Layering is so much fun, and plaid is absolutely the best. I'm perfectly impressed with all the arrivals for this fall! The designers have really outdone themselves this year. I'm especially loving the trend of wearing bright colors into fall - it's a breath of fresh air from all the neutrals you normally see.

Shop these looks below:


Monday, September 14, 2015

Time-Management in College

The thing that's been hardest to get used to in college so far is time-management. In high school, I was always on top of everything. My planner was orderly, my calendars were synced; I thought I had it all in order and that college scheduling wouldn't be any different. Boy was I wrong.

The thing about college is that you're entirely dependent on yourself - you make your own schedule, classes aren't from 8am to 3pm anymore, you choose when you eat, you join whichever clubs you want, you go to any functions you want. It's all about you. It's the largest curse disguised by a blessing in the entire world. 

The problem with creating your own schedule and living by your rules is that things can get out of hand, and fast. I've quickly learned that simply jotting things down in a planner won't work anymore. 

After about a month of being here, I've put together a few things that have worked for me:

1//Chunk It
This is by far the most important thing I've learned to do. Nothing seems easy when you look at all you have to do at one time. I prefer to break things down and focus on one task at a time instead of worrying about the big picture. Otherwise, I'll feel overwhelmed.

2//Only Do What You Want To
This is the beauty of college - no one is telling you what to do except yourself. It's too easy to feel like you have to sign up for everything and take on much more than you want to. The reality is that it'll be a lot easier and rewarding if you focus your efforts on one or two activities, clubs, or organizations that are truly important to you.

3//Make Study Schedules
This kind of goes with the idea of chunking things. It's much easier to tackle a large paper or huge test if you write down what you'll do every day to work towards the goal of finishing. I recently had a huge test for my advertising course, so a week and a half before the test, I wrote down what I would specifically do every day to prepare for it. The test ended up going fine, and I never stressed too much about it!

4//Stay On Top Of Your Calendar
This one seems a little obvious, but it's so, so important. So many dates get thrown at you constantly in college, that it's really hard to keep track of them all. I've stopped using a physical planner and converted to digital - whenever I hear a date, I put it into my phone calendar right away, which syncs with Google calendars. It really helps you see what your days and weeks will look like so you can plan ahead.

What are your time-management tips?


Friday, September 11, 2015

Fall Bucket List

Fall Bucket List

To be perfectly honest, fall is my favorite time of year, which is why I made this bucket list (inspired by Frannie of The Blonde Prep). Fall is not too hot, not too cold, and a perfect lightweight breeze seems to follow you wherever you go. I absolutely cannot get enough of sweaters and flannels - plus, you can finally pull out your riding boots and bean boots again!

I 100% intend on taking advantage of every fall activity there is - even if it means dragging my roommate along on everything on this list, plus more.

What's on your fall bucket list?


Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Week in Links

It's incredible to think that I've already been at college for almost a month. The time has flown by, and now I really get why people tell you freshman year goes by so quickly. It's been quite a learning curve attempting to adjust to college life, but luckily I've been surrounded by great friends, some new, some old. 

So much has been happening that it's been hard to keep up with what's going on outside of college, but I'm excited to bring back my "Week in Links" series. I feel like these are such fun posts to look back on and see what I was "into" at the time. So, here's what I've been looking at this week.

1//This perfect gingham shirt from J. Crew that needs to be in your fall wardrobe.

2//Get your L.L. Bean Boots before they go out of stock! (And they're 10% off right now!)

3//I've been looking at my quote board on Pinterest a lot lately.

4//Have you seen Carly's posts about Bonaire? The photos are incredible.

5//Check out some snaps from my instagram.

6//Pretty much in love with this color-blocked shirt from LOFT (and it's on sale!)

7//Loved this look from Frannie of The Blonde Prep.

9//I've been reading The Goldfinch lately, and I absolutely love it so far!

10//This funny BuzzFeed article about Hoverboards - those handless segway things. People ride these around at my school, so this was funny to see.


Thursday, September 3, 2015

What I Wore For Rush: Part 3

Day three of rush was actually t-shirt day - they gave us a white t-shirt with a little design on it for rush and I ended up pairing mine navy flowy shorts. The outfit below was for day 4, which was Philanthropy Round! It was awesome to hear about all the different organizations the sororities are involved in. Also, excuse my nasty-looking dorm room - it was raining outside so I had to take the photos inside! (Aren't our curtains adorable, though?)