Sunday, June 14, 2015

Styling Chino Shorts

Styling Chino Shorts

casual outfit: shoes//shorts//shirt

dinner out outfit: shirt//bracelet//shorts

day trip outfit: sunglasses (on sale!)//shirt//shorts

J. Crew's chino shorts are simply the best. They're a summer wardrobe staple and perfect for practically any occasion. (Okay, maybe not a wedding. Or a marathon, for that matter.) At the sale price J. Crew Factory is offering, they're practically irresistible! Not gonna lie, at first I had some trouble styling them. I found myself tucking in a white t-shirt with a belt every time I tried to wear a pair of these colorful shorts. I started to play with color-blocking, and loved it! It's also fun to layer some simple jewelry over your choice of top.

Also, my Mon-Wed-Fri posting schedule is way off by now - maybe it's because of how hard it is to keep track of the day of the week in the summertime. I'm going to try my absolute best to maintain my blog and post frequently, yet as I'm transitioning into college and traveling a lot this summer, posting will most likely be spontaneous - gotta keep it exciting, right? Anyway, some exciting posts are in the works as I have my orientation for college soon, and then I'm going to camp for a week as a volunteer photographer (eep!) and then it's off to Cape Cod and NYC!!


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