Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Red, White, and Navy Blue

Happy belated Flag Day! Remember this post about the Westside Provisions District in Atlanta? Well, I just had to go back, seeing as it's the cutest place in town. During this visit, many of the shops were closed since it was Sunday, but there was an adorable little farmer's market in the area! Biggest regret of the day: not taking pictures of the perfect set-ups of fruits and vegetables. Bigger regret of the day: not taking a picture with the man dressed up as a giant peach. Anyway, the setting was perfect for an impromptu outfit post, so ignore the iPhone camera quality. :)

Also, side-note: Forever 21 makes the most comfortable v-necks for the best price - $3.90! You really can't beat that. While Forever 21 isn't known for the best quality clothes, their v-necks and t-shirts really ace it. I always find myself needing a white t-shirt, so I grab another one every time I'm near a store!



  1. So fun! Westside Provisions is the perfect and most photographical (is that a word?) place in Atlanta!

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    1. Isn't it?? Also, I follow you on instagram! Love your pics.

  2. Loving those shorts they are to die for! I also love the scenery, it's gorgeous!

    1. Those shorts are definitely a favorite pair of mine! And if you're ever in Atlanta, it's a great place to visit. :)