Friday, January 2, 2015

Purchase, Please

Happy 2015! It's amazing how quickly time can pass. This past semester of school seems like quite a blur, and I'm having troubling fathoming the idea of it actually being 2015. To kick off the new year, I thought I'd share this bag, which I've been completely obsessing over since I first saw it.


There's something about this bag that just screams spring/summer. I can see myself toting it to a picnic or fun dinner with friends. I see it lying on the beach, full of good reads and suntan lotion. Even though it's only January, I really do have warmer weather on my mind.

Temperatures rise a bit quicker in Georgia than in most places, so I'll be needing this bag sooner than you'd think! Now if only J. Crew could have a sale... :)

What's on your warm weather wish list?


(Sorry for such a short post, I'm just going through some things at the moment.)

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