Monday, January 26, 2015

Instagram vs. Reality: Part Two

I absolutely loved writing my first Instagram vs. Reality post (view it here), so I thought I would do another one! These really are much too fun to write because of the ridiculous lengths I sometimes have to go to to take the "perfect" Instagram picture. Here we go!

Instagram//Oh, don't mind me- just getting a casual ice cream cone! The sprinkles were so delightfully placed upon such a perfect swirl of ice cream that I just had to snap a quick picture before digging in.

Reality//It took me approximately 14.8 tries to get this picture. What you don't see is the part of the ice cream that started to melt on the back of the cone... And the lady at the window was definitely judging me for this.

Instagram//Don't you just love the mountains, fresh air, and a delightfully hung pair of Bean Boots? Not kidding when I say this, I threw off my Bean Boots after a long, but refreshing, hike, and they landed like this on the railing, really!

Reality//I spent about 30 minutes walking around the outside of my friend's mountain house in freezing cold weather while barefoot until I could find the best spot for a picture. I'm pretty sure I tried around 8 different locations before choosing this one.

Instagram//Don't you just love it when your server places your fresh-squeezed honey lemonade in perfect position with your sunglasses that just happen to be lying in the middle of the table? I know I do, which is why I had to take this for Instagram.

Reality//I played with so, so many different angles/setups for this picture that it's almost to the point of insanity. I almost didn't post this because of how unsure of the picture I was. But, I knew I had to in the end because of how cute the tablecloth was!

Instagram//Just making cookies with the fam! Look how casually everything just falls into place. The flour really is such a perfect touch. Good thing it was already sprinkled everywhere!

Reality//I spent so long setting this picture up that the dough got really gooey to the point where we had to put it back in the freezer before being able to bake them. Plus, I made a mess throwing flour everywhere thinking it would be the "perfect" touch for the photo.

Instagram//Don't you just love it when you happen to accidentally take a picture while taking your sunglasses off? And it just so happens that the sun was setting! What a nice view. #nofilter

Reality//Holding up my sunglasses for approximately 20 minutes was the struggle. My arm started getting sore and I had a "What am I thinking?" moment in the middle. Plus, I spent much too long editing this photo because of how severely underexposed it was when I took it. But, I love how it turned out! #worthit

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