Monday, January 19, 2015

Graduation Thoughts

I'm graduating from high school this year. I know I've said it before, but it still feels so surreal. It hadn't hit me as to what it really meant until only recently, honestly. I ended up compiling my thoughts into some sort of poem, which is below the quote. I chose the quote to go with what I wrote because I really felt like it summed up my feelings about finally graduating.

Anyway, I'm a little nervous about publishing this here on my blog, but a few of my blogging friends convinced me to. (I originally posted it to my tumblr.) So, here it is!

Graduation Day
by Caitlin Cooper

She'll remember her proud dad with the Polaroid camera, 
Her Proud mom with the smile that never seemed to fade,
Their pure joy when she suddenly spouted "tank too" one sunny afternoon. 

She'll remember holding her baby sister in the rocking chair, 
Wondering who the tiny child was,
Slowly realizing that she'd have a best friend for life.

She'll remember kindergarten where she made her first friend, 
Whispering about how they would spend free time, 
Running from swing to seesaw, 
Laughing until their bellies hurt. 

She'll remember going to a new school in sixth grade, 
Having the same binder as the girl she sat next to in history, 
Not knowing she was sitting next to her future maid of honor. 

She'll remember her first day of high school, 
Thinking the seniors seemed so tall,
Getting lost in the winding halls, 
Unaware of the what the next four years would hold. 

She'll remember that first football game, 
Standing under the bright lights, 
Cheering on the team alongside all the intimidating upperclassmen. 

She'll remember her last football game,
Shouting like the intimidating upperclassmen she watched just a few years back, 
The surreal feeling that it was the first last of many.

She'll remember falling for that boy, 
Feeling her heart twist and turn, 
Finally going to the school dance with him, 
Only to have her heart broken. 

She'll remember the long nights with friends, 
Sharing dreams, thoughts, and fears about the future, 
Wondering what might come next for them. 

She'll remember that first acceptance letter, 
Finally feeling like her four years of work were worth something, 
Realizing that she'll be leaving in the fall,
Not wanting to leave behind her sister.

She'll remember laughing, 

She'll remember crying, 

And as she walks across the stage in May, she'll remember the journey she's left behind as she starts the one ahead.

Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think!


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  1. Caitlin,
    I'm so very glad that you published this. Your so talented and I'm glad we convinced you :) You should be extremely proud of this! It's amazing.. Love you!