Wednesday, December 3, 2014

J. Crew Holiday Look

It's no secret that I love gold. And silver. And anything sparkly, basically. It's one of the reasons I love holiday decorations so much! Anyway, the holiday season comes with holiday clothing, and, of course, you can't have a good holiday outfit without a little bit of gold and sparkles! (At least that's how it is in my eyes!)

I was delighted to see J. Crew's newest arrivals were decked out in gold, which is what inspired me to put together the outfit below! I think this ensemble would be perfect for a night out with friends, a date night, or a casual holiday party. You could even dress it up by swapping the jeans with a black skirt (like this one from J. Crew!).

Holiday Look

What is your favorite part about the holidays?


P.S. Should I make more posts like this?

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  1. Love this! The combination of that shirt and those earrings is so festive!

    Emily |