Wednesday, December 24, 2014

26 Thoughts I Have While Wrapping Presents

I honestly love wrapping presents. To me, it's half the fun of picking out the gift! Every year, I gather the cutest wrapping paper, gift tags, and random adornments to top the gifts. But sometimes (a lot of the time), wrapping can get stressful and overwhelming and just not enjoyable because of how tedious it can be. (Especially when you're on your 15th gift and it's already been two hours...). Anyway, here are a few thoughts that generally run through my mind while wrapping.

1. This is going to be great. I've got my fancy ribbon, adorable gift tags, and the perfect plaid wrapping paper. Here we go!

2. Crap. I forgot the tape.

3. Okay, got the tape. Now let's see... Scissors! I need scissors!

4. Great. First present down. Just look at that bow! Somebody better call Martha Stewart, because I'm about to steal her job!

5. WAIT. I forgot to put a gift tag on it.

6. I wish I could write in calligraphy. That would really step up my gift-tag game.

7. Where did all this glitter come from?

8. Seriously. There's glitter all over my leggings.

9. And my cat.

10. Where'd my pen go?!

11. I just had it. Did my cat eat it?

12. I was sitting on it. Oh.

13. Alright, I've wrapped enough boxes. Time to switch to bags! #lazywrapper

14. I don't know if I like this anymore. Martha can keep her job, I guess.

15. Okay. I JUST had the scissors. Surely I'd notice if I were sitting on them...

16. I was sitting on them.

17. I hope my mom likes this oven mitt. And pot holder. And pasta drainer. And bowl.

18. Wait. Did I accidentally get my mom only kitchen supplies? What if she thinks it's only because I want her to cook for me?

18a. (I mean I do, but that's not the point.)

19. Crisis averted. I got her a bracelet too. It's okay.

20. I literally only bought my dad plaid shirts. And socks. Oops.


22. Literally only putting a gift tag on this one. Not even a ribbon. #sorrynotsorry


24. I was sitting on them again. How do I not have any holes in my leggings?

25. FINALLY DONE. Oh wait, I still have five more...

26. I'll make my sister wrap them.

What are your thoughts while wrapping gifts?



  1. Haha this is too funny and extremely true! Excellent post!

  2. I loved this post.. It's so me haha. Merry Christmas my Undenia-big! Love you :)

    Cathleen // Classy Cathleen

  3. So... I read this whole thing in your voice, and laughed the whole time! Love you Caitlin!


  4. I love this hahaha(: