Monday, November 10, 2014

Dealing With Lasts

Senior year is full to the brim with lasts. I had my last first day of high school, my last homecoming, and recently, my last high school football game. I've spent the past four falls spending my Fridays under the lights of the stadium with all of my friends. Every game produced a photo album full of memories, and I get a little nostalgic every time I look through them. Honestly, I got a little teary-eyed when our team scored the final touchdown in the last second of the game. I was so happy to be a part of the spirit-filled student section. Then, I looked around and realized this was my last time to cheer like this with those people.

To me, lasts mean change, which isn't something I'm too fond of. If you are going through a bunch of lasts, the only thing that can be next is a whole string of firsts. For me, that will be college. I'm honestly quite scared about being thrown into an entirely new environment of people and places I'm not familiar with.

But, there is something to remember here: you can't have new experiences without firsts. Quite frankly, some of my fondest memories are built on firsts. So, as much as I am afraid of college, I know I definitely would not want to stay in high school forever. 

The reality of it all is that lasts are sad. No one wants to stray from the places we're comfortable, whether that be home, high school, a certain friend group, or anything in-between. But, when I find myself looking back on all the fun times I've had throughout high school and therefore feeling sad about not being able to come back to it all next year, I remember that college, and life in general, will only add to those fun memories. The only difference will be a change in people and setting.

How do you deal with lasts?



  1. Sometimes the only thing you can do is soak up every second while you have them! Plus, you've just gotta remember that with every "last" comes a new "first," right around the corner... :)


  2. Caitlin this is a truly amazing post! Everything you said is 100% true. I am so happy to have gotten to know you so well over the past few months and I know you will do great things and make great friendships in college. Your firsts are going to start amazing things!