Monday, November 24, 2014

Black Friday Survival Guide

Black Friday is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season. Not only do you get some great prices, but when else do you get to shop from midnight until who-knows-when? Black Friday shopping was always been something my mom and I did until she decided she didn't want to stay up all night anymore. Now, my friends and I always make a good time out of it and then I meet my mom for some early morning shopping so she can get her beauty sleep. So, here are my tips and tricks for a successful Black Friday!

black friday

Hair Ties
I promise no one will be looking cute while shopping in the middle of the night. And, chances are, your hair won't be in the best condition. I always bring a few hair ties in case I need to do a quick messy bun or braid. Plus, it's nice not to have hair in your face when you're tired and speed-shopping.

This one is a biggie. There's no telling if the food court in the mall will be open or not, and shopping on an empty stomach is not the most fun thing in the world. I thought I'd be full from Thanksgiving dinner last year, but I got pretty hungry sometime between 2 and 3AM.

A Cross-Body Bag
Your hands will be filled with shopping bags, which will already make it hard to carry clothing and other items through stores. So, make it easy on yourself, and bring a bag you can sling over our shoulder without having to worry.

Wear a Big Sweater
You're not going to want to take a long time in the dressing room, so a big sweater that you can take on and off easily is the best way to go. I'll probably wear one with leggings and shoes that are easy to take on and off.

Back-Up Phone Battery
If your phone dies at 3AM, it can get pretty hectic trying to find your friends in a crowded store. Definitely bring one of these to make sure that doesn't happen.

...and now for some tips!

1. Check the newspapers for coupons and deals.

2. Bring a list of items/gifts you want to buy. (It's easy to get caught up in the shopping and end up forgetting what you wanted to get!)

3. Hit the stores that open at midnight for a while, go back to sleep, and wake up for the stores that open at 6 or 7AM so you don't tire out.

4. Double check store opening times and make a schedule of where you want to go when.

5. Organize your wallet beforehand so you can get through checkout as quickly as possible. 

What are your Black Friday tips?


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