Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wednesday Whims

RayBan Clubmasters
I've been in love with these sunglasses for the longest time, but I can never get myself to actually purchase them! I have a similar pair from Target, but it would be amazing to have the real thing. RayBans are quality and classic; there's not much more to it.

Infinity Scarf
My closet is extremely lacking in the scarf department, so this year, I'm going to try to make an improvement there. I've never seen myself as a scarf person, per se, but I'll give it a go eventually...

Chevron Sweater
J. Crew Factory always has the cutest sweaters. I want this in my wardrobe so badly! I know it would be super cute with either riding boots or bean boots.

Plaid Scarf
I originally saw this scarf in a post from Carly of The College Prepster and though it was adorable! I loved the way she styled it and I really hope I can get it into my hands sometime soon to create an outfit of my own.


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