Friday, October 10, 2014

5 Things You Forget to Clean

Messes always seem to add up in the places you least expect them. One day I'll be going through a drawer or my purse and realize just how out of hand my organization has gotten. (Same thing happens with my room...) But, I've recently realized that there are a bunch of hidden messes that you really never think about. So, here they are!

5 Things You Forget to Clean

A few weeks ago, I was trying to find a picture on my computer and I just could not track it down. I realized that I needed to up my game in terms of photo organization! It's really helpful to just sit down and put all your extraneous pictures, documents, etc into folders in order to have easy access in the future.

Another tip: sort through your bookmarks from time to time! I always bookmark the most random things and never even use that link again. They eventually add up, making it hard to find the bookmark you're really looking for! (Oh, and did you know you can put bookmarks into folders??)

If you're anything like me, then you have tons, and I mean tons, of pictures stored on a bunch of different SD cards. It's really important to free up space from time to time so you don't find yourself with a full SD card at a friend's party. I take pictures for my school's football and ultimate frisbee teams, so I find myself clearing pictures from my SD cards all the time. Once you go to delete pictures, I'm sure you'll find a ton you never knew were even there!

This should be done with the photos on your phone, too. I have way too many screenshots and random selfies that just need to be deleted every now and then.

Backpack/Large Bag
I have no idea how, but random papers/snack wrappers/pencils/receipts always end up at the bottom of my backpack. I don't even remember putting those things in there half the time... I always try to sort through whatever adds up in my backpack at least a few times a semester. (Truthfully, that's more like once a semester.)

Makeup Bag
I am honestly so bad at keeping up with what's going on in my makeup bag. I always forget to check what's expiring and so I'll end up with a bag filled halfway with unusable makeup. It's so easy to just buy new stuff and throw it in your makeup bag, leaving all the old mascara, blush, and eye-shadow to waste away at the bottom. Make a mental note to dig through your makeup bag once every month or two!

Receipts, crumpled bills, change, used gift cards, and even a chapstick or two always end up clogging my wallet to the point where I end up embarrassing myself at the checkout counter because I'm frantically searching for my ID. The best way to stop this from happening (which I really need to do more often) is to take everything out of your wallet every other week or so and organize it all.

What other things do you forget to clean?


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