Saturday, September 6, 2014

You Can Do This

I keep doubting myself. It's with everything really, lately. College applications are piling up, schoolwork is getting more stressful by the day, my room always seems to be a mess, etc, etc, etc. I'm having a hard time with having faith in myself and being confident in my abilities.

This isn't a new problem though; it's extremely hard to tell yourself you can do something when it just seems flat out impossible and never-ending. Take college applications for example: You have to write an essay, then another essay, then another essay, and another and another and then answer what seems to be an infinite amount of questions and then you have to get recommendations and the list just never ends. It's a horrible, daunting task, but when broken down and confronted with the right mindset, it's feasible.

Another time I feel like the world is caving in? When my room is a mess. If my desk and room are a disaster zone (as they are right now, ironically enough), I feel as though I can't function. The mess is just so overwhelming that I can't even bring myself to start. I know I need to approach it with the right attitude, but it's definitely difficult a lot of the time.

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But really, this image says it all.

I'm trying to take life day by day and get through the obstacles as they arrive. The mistake that I keep making is telling myself that I have to get everything done ASAP. Not everything has a deadline so there's no need to stress about it.

How do you get through tough tasks?


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