Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wednesday Whims

New York Fashion Week: Kate Spade

kate spade scallop bag

I'm absolutely horrible with keeping up with New York Fashion Week, but this bag definitely caught my eye when I was attempting to see what was going on. I cannot wait until Spring when this gorgeous bag is available! I just need to win the lottery between now and then to be able to buy it!

All Prep Pullover - Grey

I had heard of Tuckernuck before, but it wasn't until I saw this pullover that I got super-obsessed with the brand. Everything they have is adorable to the highest degree. I basically just want everything on the website. This would also be the perfect pullover for fall!

Madewell Booties
Women's Clothing : Denim, Shoes, Dresses, Bags & Jewelry |

I've been obsessed with booties lately. I recently got a pair at Forever 21, and I've been having such a fun time trying them out with different outfits! The ones I have aren't too far from the design of these from Madewell, but the Madewell ones are just seamlessly perfect. The color, the heel, the zipper, everything! They also have a bunch of others to choose from on the website!

So that wraps it up for my Wednesday Whims for this week!

What have you all been lusting after lately?


P.S. It seems as though my Wednesday Whims are turning into weekly wishlists, so I'm planning on keeping it that way!

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