Saturday, September 20, 2014

Guest Post: Motivation by Curls and Pearls Prepster


To me this means confidence.

Confidence is something that everyone struggles with and has a hard time with.

And I am one of them.

But over the years I have learned how to gain more confidence and motivation in every day life.

So here are my secrets!

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1. Think of what your goals are and how you would like to be.
I have always thought of myself as a very shy person that never really wanted to talk to  anyone. But I have outgrown that. When I had very low motivation, I always imagined myself as a very strong, confident, and trustworthy girl. I though to my self “How could I become this?” or “What do I need to do?”. I started brainstorming things like getting involved or practicing things that I love so I could BE confident in them.

2. Keep track of your progress.
I have always kept a journal since I was little. Even though I don't write in it often because of school, I try to at least once every week. And in the time that I write, I try to talk about my feelings more then what's actually going on in my life. This helps me really think of how/what is hurting me emotionally and what is helping. Plus, it's always fun to read over what you wrote months before and what was happening in your life!

3. Find people that inspire you!
This is probably my biggest tip. Another component of motivation for me is to be inspired! Everyone has those people that they envy and wish they could be. I personally was so inspired from my dad because of what he sacrificed when I was little with our family. He inspired me to take chances and be confident in what you do! Your person could be your sister, cousin, teacher, or coach! Just make sure they have something in them that you are motivated to be! :)

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