Saturday, August 2, 2014

Why You Should Use Vitamin E Oil

The other day in Sephora, I asked a saleslady to help me find an eye shadow that would look good on me because I know absolutely nothing about makeup. Seriously. Upon trying out a color on my eyelid, she informed me that the skin around my eyes was quite dry. Her advice: grab some Vitamin E Oil and dab it around my eyes every night before bed. So that's what I did!

Throughout the time I've been using Vitamin E Oil, I've noticed some other benefits and different ways to use it. Here they are:

Reduces Dark Circles
My mom realized this one, actually. One morning she told me that I barely had any trace of dark circles under my eyes, which really surprised me because I generally have really, really bad bags under my eyes every day. I looked in the mirror and lo and behold, they were gone!

This one's obvious, but it's so, so true. Vitamin E Oil is practically better than lotion! I rub a small amount of it on my face, too because I have dry skin. I also put some on my upper arms because I've always had little bumps all over them and the oil practically took them away!

And here are my tips on using the oil:

Use Sparingly
I cannot repeat this enough- you barely need any of it because it definitely goes a long way! A tiny, tiny drop will cover your eyelid, under your eye and both corners of your eye. You can always use more if you feel like you're wearing the oil too thin, though.

Wash Your Face
I always wash my face before putting on the oil because I don't want to trap dirt or anything else under the oil all night. I also wash my face first thing in the morning.

I swear, Vitamin E Oil is some magical stuff. If you're still on the edge, I'll let you know that it smells sweet, sort of like lemons. It also doesn't feel sticky and if it gets in your eye it doesn't hurt at all. Plus, it absorbs into your skin like a lotion, so it doesn't just sit there all night. Just make sure to wash your hands after putting it on and try not to touch your face too much.

You can buy Vitamin E Oil here or at your local drugstore.

Have you tried any alternative moisturizers?


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  1. Great tip! I'll remember this for winter!