Thursday, August 14, 2014

New (School) Year Resolutions

I honestly don't understand New Years resolutions. Why wait until a new year to change something about your life? I believe that if you're going to make a change, start right away. I should probably follow that advice myself sometimes, but don't put off something that could make your life better. Anyway, I'm about to start my senior year of high school, and there are some resolutions, per say, that I'd like to work on this year that I definitely shouldn't wait to start until January. A new school year is a great fresh start in the year and therefore should come with some resolutions!

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focus more on photography//I love photography. My dream is to hop on a plane with nothing but a backpack and a camera and just capture the world in photographs. I loved going to New York because there were so many opportunities for great pictures, especially of the people! (see some of pictures here!) I really want to learn more about photography and dive deeper into the subject this year.

commit more to blogging//I have definitely been a lazy blogger in the past. I really do enjoy blogging as an outlet and I love writing, so it's a great way to work on that, too. This summer I've tried to make blogging more of a permanent hobby rather than a here-and-there kind of thing and I plan to continue that through the school year.

be more confident//Everyone could probably use a little more confidence in their lives! To be more specific with this one, I want to raise my hand and participate more in class. I always find myself wanting to say something but not having the confidence to say it. I'm going to try really hard to push myself to do this.

spend time with my sister//Don't get me wrong, I see my sister all the time. But we don't necessarily "hang out." As I'm off to college in about a year, I want to spend a ton of time with her and get to know her even better before I have to leave.

save money//I've always been good at saving, but recently I've been splurging where I shouldn't be. I want to bring financial focus back into my life with more saving and more babysitting! :)

decision making//I am horrible at making decisions. Just ask my friends: if we're deciding where to go to eat, my answer is always "I don't know" or "I don't care." I really want to work on this, especially since I have to decide where I'll be going to college...

What are your school year resolutions?



  1. Hey! I just wanted to say that I looooove your blog, and that I've created a post just like this crediting you (just so you know). Anyways, keeping doing what you'e doing :)


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