Friday, August 22, 2014

Instagram vs. Reality: What Was Really Happening?

I've been seeing posts like these all over and thought it was about time that I do my own! They are absolutely hilarious, yet so true! I hate that we use social media to only display the best aspects of ourselves; it's as if we're pretending we live our lives behind a permanent Instagram filter! So, here we go:

What it looks like//Oh, hi! I'm just casually taking this picture on a beautiful Cape Cod morning. Plus, this is exactly what I was looking at. I didn't edit this or put a filter on it at all! Pardon me while I head to a quaint coffee shop now...

What was really happening//It was really windy. And cold. And I got chased by a seagull and almost fell off of the jetty we were on. Plus, my stomach was killing me because I ate one too many donuts that morning. Oh, and I put so many filters on this picture that I think I lost count.

What it looks like//Just another early morning donut run at the beach! We drove down to the cutest little bakery to get these all while dressed up in our best brunch attire. I just had to snap a quick pic before we dug in!

What was really happening//It was raining so hard outside that I thought a hurricane was going to strike. My friends and I were actually wearing skirts and cute tops, but we ended up getting soaked while trying to get these. Plus, I wouldn't let anyone eat these until I had the perfect picture, which took about 50 tries.

What it looks like//Don't mind me, just planning a casual trip to New York! I'm quite excited to spend afternoons gallivanting around the Upper East Side. Oh how silly, my bracelet happened to fall onto my map! Let me take a picture real quick. Okay, back to planning!

What was really happening//I set up this picture in twenty. different. ways. I probably took a variation of this like 100 times and it took forever to choose the right one. I'm still not too happy with how it turned out but whatever!

What it looks like//How splendid! Macarons from Laduree in the city, just what I needed! They stack so perfectly, I must have a picture before I take the first bite! Alright, done! Now to taste...

What was really happening//I spent pretty much 30 minutes trying to get a decent picture of my macarons and then another 10 or so editing it. All I wanted to do was try one, but of course I had to have the perfect picture.

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  1. Loved this post so much!!