Saturday, August 30, 2014

Five Ways To Stop Procrastinating

I am a huge procrastinator. Unless I have the proper mindset to get work done, it's really easy to put things off. With the school year just having started, I've found it pretty hard to adjust from the summer schedule when you can pretty much procrastinate a day away without it being any trouble. Now, I have school for 7ish hours a day with 7 hours out of school if I want to get to sleep by 11. Which doesn't usually happen.

Anyway, here are my best tips to avoid procrastination. Hope they help!

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1. Clean Up
If my desk is a mess, I simply can't do anything. I have to have a clean work space to get anything done! You'd be surprised how much an organized desk can do for your motivation. My advice: set a 5 minute timer on your phone and clean up/organize as much as you can. The time goes by quickly, promise! Or, if you don't have 5 minutes, simply lay everything on your desk in a basket to be looked through later.

2. Make a To-Do List
If you have a physical list of what needs to be done, it's a lot easier to feel as though you need to get started ASAP. It's also quite fun to check things off! I personally love to make my checklists on sticky notes or index cards.

3. Put Breaks on Your To-Do List
It's super easy to feel like you deserve a break after doing some work. And you do! But, it's also super easy to take much too long of a break and stray far away from your work and waste more time than you thought you would. So, I put specific breaks on my to-do list. For example: watch 15 minutes of Netflix, edit photos for yearbook, eat a snack, check Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and email.

4. Go Somewhere Else
I find that if I'm away from my house, I can concentrate a lot easier. Sometimes I like to go to Starbucks but if I feel too lazy to drive, I sit outside in a hammock or at a table in my backyard. It really helps to not have distractions from your house!

5. Break It Up
No one is making you do all 40 of your math problems in one sitting, so why should you? Do 10 problems, then write part of your English paper, then do 10 more, do your science homework, finish the paper, and finish the problems! I get really impatient if I stick with one subject for too long, so this method works!

What are your tips to avoid procrastination?



  1. Great tips! I'm about to start my final year of university and am trying to desperately get on top of my procrastination problem.

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