Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Back To School Essentials

 I hate to say it, but it's that time of year again. Going back to school is upon us and the only way to face the misery is to shop. Well, for school supplies, that is. I personally love shopping for school supplies and getting everything organized for the school year. There's something so great about having fresh binders, fresh notebooks, etc. There are some things, however, that I can't live without. Here they are:

1. Lilly Pulitzer Agenda
This is definitely the most important. Any agenda at all for that matter is necessary in order for me to keep my life together and make sure I don't forget anything. The plus side about Lilly agendas? They're adorable and colorful and make dreary schoolwork all that much better.

2. Water Bottle
I tend to forget to drink water at home while doing homework and during the day at school. If I have a water bottle with me constantly, it's easy to just mindlessly drink water. Plus, a hydrated brain is a smarter brain! (At least that's what everyone says.)

3. Pencils
No brainer!

4. Washi Tape
Colorful washi tape is the reason I can withstand note-taking. I always label the top of my notes with washi tape by writing the subject on the tape. It really makes my notes pop and actually look fun, believe it or not.

5. Lilly Pulitzer Highlighters
Highlighters, like pencils, are a no-brainer. But Lilly Pulitzer highlighters? Yes, please!

6. Post-it Notes
All of my to-do lists are made on post-it notes. The fact that they stick almost anywhere and are colorful makes them that much better. I literally go through stacks of these during the school year!

7. Staedtler Pens
I LOVE felt tip pens. They make the world amazing. The Staedtler brand pens are my favorites, but Sharpie pens come in a close second.

8. Nail Polish
With all the chaos through the school year, having my nails painted makes me feel like I have at least something together in my life. Plus, you're going to be looking at your nails all throughout the school year as they type away on a keyboard, so why not have them look cute?

9. iPad/Tablet/Laptop
Some type of device to do work on is a must. I love having an iPad mini because I can bring it practically anywhere in my purse and write papers and do homework on it. I got a keyboard to go with it, too, so it's like having a mini laptop! I also have my laptop, but I treat that more like a desktop computer, though.

What are your back to school essentials?


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  1. I LOVE Staedtler pens! I use them for school as well:)