Thursday, July 24, 2014

New York City

{I already talked about part one of my college tour/NYC trip here, so check that out if you'd like!}

After spending a few days touring colleges, my mom and I spent a few days at her parents' house! (We toured UPenn and Princeton while staying with them.) We also did a small bit of shopping and I'm happy to say that I am now the proud owner of my first pair of L.L. Bean Boots! Woo!

Then, it was finally time for New York. Once we parked our car at a place where you can leave cars for a while, we headed on to the train for New York! After getting off, we made the horrible decision of walking the full 20 blocks to our hotel with our suitcases and bags. Yes, 20 blocks. A 35 minute, absolutely horrendous and painful, walk. I'm pretty sure we thought it was shorter, but no. Oh, well!
We settled in to our hotel and made it over to Times Square! All over the middle of Times Square were these really cool sculptures made out of fences. Everyone was taking pictures in them so I decided to join in!

So. Many. People.

After a little shopping, my mom and I headed over to the Flatiron District for, well, even more shopping! We also ate in the pizza/pasta restaurant in Eataly, and let me tell you, best. pasta. EVER. Eataly is this super unique Italian market with the tastiest looking things in the world. There are also multiple restaurants that are all to die for.

The Flatiron Building!
If you haven't noticed, I love taking pictures of signs!
 Finally, we decided we needed to go back to the hotel and get some sleep. My feet were absolutely killing me though. I didn't bring any super comfortable shoes so I was kind of dying. Note to self: don't wear Sperrys to walk all over New York.

On the second day, we were going to go to Good Morning America, but it was raining. :(
Anyway, we ended up going to the Museum of Modern Art!
Andy Warhols in real life!

After MoMa, we grabbed some brunch at the fabulous Maison Kayser. I had the most delicious ham-cheese-toast combination ever. It started pouring down while we were in there, so we decided to stay for tea and coffee!

They brought me my own teapot and everything! How adorable is that?

After the rain died down, it turned out that Francois Payard was right by Maison Kayser (#frenchthemedday) so we got some macaron! So. Good. It was actually my mom and I's first time trying macarons so of  course I snapped a picture!

And of course, we went to Laduree, too!

As we were on the Upper East Side, it was only fitting that we do a little shopping! Our first stop was the J. Crew Collection store where I found the most gorgeous tan sweater and some super cute pink chinos! (I might do a clothing haul of what I got in NYC...what do you think?) Our next stop was the Lilly Pultizer store! It was stunning and positively pink inside! And of course, I just so happened to be wearing Lilly that day, ha!

We ended the day with a little poke around Times Square. Times Square at night should definitely be added to every New York trip. The colors and lights are simply gorgeous! See for yourself:

The clothes I got at J. Crew Collection!

How cool is this guy?
It took me forever to get this picture because they kept posing with people!

Our last day in the city started with breakfast at a place called Le Pain Quitodien. I had never had avocado toast before then, but now I want it everyday! It was simply delicious.

After such a hefty breakfast, my mom and I took a stroll through Central Park. We even saw a turtle!

We snacked on ice cream for lunch, (ha!) and then did a bit more shopping. Finally, it was off to the top of the Rockefeller Building! What a marvelous view. I absolutely love that you can see all of Central Park from surrounded by the city! (Bonus tip: there's a J. Crew in the Rockefeller. #win)

We grabbed a sandwich for dinner and then it was time for Aladdin on Broadway! The entire musical was beyond fabulous; the actors, the lighting, the sets, the colors- it was all too great. The guy who played the Genie was so, so good! He had everyone laughing constantly.

It was so hard to leave New York, but it was such a wonderful trip and I know I'll be back soon. (Hopefully!)

Have you guys ever been to New York City?


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