Friday, July 18, 2014

Home again, home again

It feels so good to be back home and especially to be back in front of a computer, ha! I did truly miss blogging on my trip, and now I know next time to bring a computer! (Blogging from a phone is quite difficult, especially when you have to put picutres!) 

Before I get into any details about the trip (and there are so many!), I have a small, but important-ish announcement! I've always had a bit of trouble sticking to a blogging schedule so I've decided to set one. From now on, I'll be posting on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays! This works best with my life and what not and I'm quite excited to get going on this. 

One more thing: as I'm getting deep in the college application process, I've been feeling a little lost and therefore I've done quite a bit of research. I'll be starting a mini series on everything having to do with the application process based on what I've found out and my personal experiences. Let me know if there's a topic you'd want to hear about it and I'll be sure to cover it!

Here's a little peek into my trip! (There are wayyy more pictures to come, promise.)

UNC Chapel Hill with my bestie!
University of Virginia was to die for.
Princeton felt like Hogwarts!

The inside of the Plaza Hotel!

My mom and I atop the Rockefeller Building.

Times Square at night!
Times Square!

Washington Square Park

This picture doesn't even describe the amount of shopping done on this trip- more on that to come!

Like I said, there will definitely be another post or two about my trip! I had such a lovely time and I'm quite sad to be home, but it'll be nice to sleep in my bed again. See you again this Tuesday!


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