Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Five Things to Bring on College Tour Trips

Throughout the various college tours I went on, I noticed that there were some things I wished I would have brought, and other things that I brought that I didn't think I would need! Here are my best tips form my experience.

Notebook and Pen
This one might be obvious, but it really helps to take notes during a tour, especially if they have an information session. If you're going on multiple tours in the span of a few days, it's easy for the tours to run together so having notes to look back on is great.

Once again, this might be obvious, but you'll get a lot of flyers/information packets and you'll need a place to keep them all. You can also keep spare paper to take extra notes on.

Camera/iPhone Camera
Like I said, the tours start to run together, so you'll want pictures to re-start your memory.

Back-Up Battery
These tours tend to run long sometimes, and you'll be taking pictures and maybe even taking notes on your phone. I brought a mini back-up battery that I got from J. Crew, and it seriously saved my life a few times.

Comfortable Shoes
I made the mistake of wearing flats that have no support and I hadn't broken them in yet on a tour. And let me tell you, you do a lot more walking than you would think. Seriously, it's an hour and a half of nothing but walking. I ended up with some pretty bad blisters and some seriously sore feet. You don't have to wear sneakers, but at least where something comfortable-ish.

Look for another post soon on what to do on college tours!



  1. the camera and comfortable shoes are def a must!

    Nathalie | She Wears Prep

  2. Great tips! I'll need these for this year!


  3. Great list! Really useful tips. Good luck with your college search!