Sunday, June 29, 2014

Three Weeks in the Woods

For the past three weeks, I've been at the best camp in the world training to be a counselor. I slept in a cabin (more like a glorified screened-in porch) that had a single light bulb and no AC at all. Camp is my home away from home, and I'd never trade anything in the world for these past three weeks. Here are some pictures! 

Enos are the BEST hammocks ever! They shrink to such a small size when you pack them up and they're so comfortable!


One of my absolute best friends in the world.

Me and the other 2nd year counselor-in-trainings!

The night sky! You sure don't see this every night in the city.

Once again, we love enos!

CIT banquet night! We finished the program!

On the last night for the camp banquet, we all put flowers in our hair!

These are called baby boats. We make them by putting a candle on bark and we float them away in the swimming hole on the last night of camp.

More baby boats!

What have you all been doing with your summer?


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