Thursday, February 13, 2014

Procrastination Station

Motivation... what exactly does that word mean again? The other day I found myself searching pretty hard for the meaning. Lately, I've felt like I can't find the inspiration to do anything at all. Schoolwork? Nope. Cleaning my room? Nada. Babysitting? Nah. I do these things anyway, because I know dropping the ball means bad grades, angry mom and lack of cash, respectively. I just can't seem to find that push to get me going and keep me going.

Procrastination has become one of my specialties lately. All of the things I have to do pile up in the form of an extensive post-it note checklist, and suddenly I find myself browsing Pinterest and Kate Spade. So, I feel like it's time for a pep-talk for me, by me. (And maybe it'll help you too.)


How do you even find motivation when there's nothing there to begin with?

This has been my biggest struggle. The way I go about it is this: Sit down, make a checklist. Turn my phone off or on silent. Clear off my desk so I have an open work space. Think of/write a list of goals that I want to focus on while doing work/that I want to achieve through my work. This is the hardest part; getting focused, I mean. I find that once I get in the focus-groove, it's hard to get out of it.


Why keep working, even when motivation is scarce and the task isn't fulfilling, even in the slightest way?

That answer would be because although there's no immediate outcome now, everything will add up to a better future for you. I sure didn't want to babysit today. It was the last thing I felt I had time for. I forced myself to go because I had already said I would and it turned out to not be so bad. (Plus, I'm a few dollars better off than I was before.) The experiences of all the things you don't want to do will come into play in the later years. Do it now, even if it's last on your list, to make your future a little brighter.


When you feel overwhelmed, remember this: 

Before drowning in a bucket of denial that leads you to Gossip Girl Netflix marathons (we've all been there), take a moment, step back, and realize it's okay to take a break and clear your head. Throw that checklist aside and take a walk. Call your mom. Hug your cat/teddy bear. Do what you need to do to get moving again.

Sometimes I feel like taking a break is cheating, especially when there's an SAT practice book and a huge stash of AP U.S. History flashcards eyeing me from the corner. Know that it's not. This is something that's taken me a large time to accept. You just have to know when to draw the line between a break and procrastination. That's also taken me a long time to recognize...

I really hope I can follow my own advice!


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