Sunday, February 9, 2014

Healthy Guilty Pleasures

You and I both know that food is absolutely one of the best parts of life. Everything just tastes so good! (Well, maybe not everything... *cough* olives *cough*) The worst part, though, is that the best stuff is usually the worst for you! Hello, ice cream, cake, donuts, etc. 

But, good food can be good for you. I've come to learn that you can still get that guilty pleasure feeling minus the guilty.

ONE: Avocados
Only the best (fruit? vegetable?) ever. I could literally eat these raw all day. Add a little lime and salt to a few slices of one of these and you've got the best snack ever. Oh, and don't even get me started on guacamole...

TWO: Pineapple
Pineapple practically tastes like candy. It's so sweet! This has always been my favorite fruit aside from maybe watermelon.

THREE: Hummus
I could eat hummus for days. There are so many variations and flavors of hummus that it never gets boring! Plus, you can practically dip anything in it. Celery, cucumbers, carrots; the list goes on.

FOUR: Dark Chocolate
Yes, it is possible for something as amazing as chocolate to be good for you. Since dark chocolate gets its natural flavor from the cocoa beans, it doesn't need much sugar or milk to taste good. So, it's been proven to be healthy (or at least healthier than other chocolates) for you!

FIVE: Kind Bars
One word: delicious. These bars are absolutely amazing. I live on granola bars. You can always count on finding one of these in my purse. Most of the bars are gluten free and dairy free if that gives you any idea of their health level.

What are your healthy guilty pleasures?


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