Sunday, January 5, 2014

Five Ways To Make Mornings Easier

Mornings can be stressful. It's way too easy to start out a morning on the wrong foot if you stress over what to wear or can't seem to track down your keys. I know I have had way too many mornings that have been more complicated than they need to be.

So, I've compiled a list of ways to make mornings go a little smoother. Hopefully I'll be able to follow my own tips...

1. Lay out your outfit the night before.
This is possibly one of the easiest things to do to make your morning run almost 100% times better than normal. I can't tell you how many times I've wasted precious minutes getting ready by staring into my closet. Set aside 5 or 10 minutes every night before you go to bed to choose your outfit for the next day. Trust me, it'll help more than you think. Once you do it enough, it'll get into your nighttime routine and you'll be saving time before you know it.

2. Pack up the night before.
Also another easy one. This way, everything you need will be right where it needs to be for the next day. No more of "Oh no! I left my [insert super important item here] at home!" It takes less than 5 minutes to pack up and you'll be so grateful the next morning when all you have to do is pick up your bag and walk out the door.

3. Keep extra often-used items on hand.
The most horrible feeling is waking up to find you have run out of your favorite hairspray or lipstick. My method: once you have used up half or more of your favorite product, pick up a new one and stash it in a drawer so it's there before you run out!

4. Do little things to make things easier.
Two of my favorite tips: 1) Brush your hair before you shower. It makes it so much easier to shampoo and condition with de-knotted hair. Plus, less hair will end clogging the drain! 2) If you can, drape your towel over the curtain rod of your shower. That way, you don't have to get out of the shower to get your towel and you can successfully avoid that horrible cold feeling when you step out.

5. Know how your day is going to look.
One of the easiest ways to have a peaceful morning is to take a look at what tomorrow is going to look like before you go to bed. You can do this with a day planner, a checklist on a sticky note, or even in your head as you're falling asleep. If you know what you have to do the next day, you can brace yourself for whatever state of mind you need to be in ahead of time.

If you're a night owl like me, and mornings really aren't your thing, I hope these tips help!

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