Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Dress Prep For Less

Dressing "preppy" can be a bit of a... struggle, to say the least. Every time I walk into J. Crew or Madewell, I feel my wallet make a cry for help. (Can you see why I love sales?) Overtime, I've managed to pull together a wardrobe of so-called "preppy" clothes by shopping at places like American Eagle, Forever 21, Old Navy, Ann Taylor Loft and the sale sections of the high-end stores.

The only problem with buying clothes on the cheaper end is the quality. American Eagle and Old Navy and especially Loft hold up their ends of the bargain. You have to be careful with stores like Forever 21 - the clothes are great, but if you wash or dry or wear them too much, you can run into some problems.

Here's an example of how to dress preppy for less:

I found all of these pieces for great prices:

Necklace: Old Navy, 8.00 (Couldn't find a link to this one... Click here for a similar necklace from Baublebar) 

Where do you all shop to dress preppy for less? 



  1. Oooh, I love your outfit, that sweater is so comfy. You paired the colors perfectly, that pale blue and coral looks great together. :) I definitely agree with dressing for less. Preppy clothes can get really expensive. I've actually been really impressed with old navy's quality lately. I love shopping at J.Crew Factory though I still make sure I never pay full price. :)

    1. Old Navy definitely has gotten better as the years- as has Target surprisingly! I love, love, love J. Crew Factory. I was just there last week actually and almost everything was 50-30% off! It was wonderful, haha. If only the real J. Crew were like that!