Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Wow, what a year. I finished junior year of high school, traveled all summer, got my blog going (finally), and started my senior year. It's been a huge year, and I know 2015 will be even bigger! This year was full of happy memories, long nights, great times with friends, a bit too much change, breakdowns over school/college, travel, new experiences, and everything in between.

I, myself, have changed an immense amount since the beginning of the year. I've grown up quite a bit, and I've gained confidence I never had before. Life seems like one big whirlwind at the moment, but here's to hoping that 2015 will turn that whirlwind into something wonderful. Now for some of my favorite moments from 2014.

1. Snow in January that got us a week off of school!

2. Sadie Hawkin's Dance

3. Spring Break in Florida

4. Junior Prom!

5. Mountain house trip with friends

6. Three weeks of being a counselor-in-training

7. NYC!

8. College Tours

9. The football season

10. Music Midtown (That's Lorde!)

11. Senior Homecoming!

12. Visiting my best friend at UVA

13. Day trip with friends to the mountains!

14. Christmas

What a year. Happy New Year's Eve!


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Year's Eve

With New Year's Eve on the horizon, I thought I would share a possible outfit for the special night! I don't think that this is what I'll be wearing because all I'll be doing is hanging out with some friends to count down to midnight. If my NYE weren't going to be as low-key as it will be, this is what I would wear! 

I'm quite excited for the New Year for a few reasons. Second semester means Spring Break and also graduation... It's terrifying that I've been a part of the Class of 2015 my entire life, and now it's actually going to be 2015. I never thought this year would come, but here we are! 

What are your New Year's Eve plans?


Sunday, December 28, 2014

Leather Dreaming

Leather Dreaming

I'm currently obsessed with the leather bag in the outfit above, so I wanted to share an outfit surrounding it! I can see myself wearing this to school, to the mall, or to a casual get-together. I would definitely cuff my jeans and if it was going to be cold, I'd layer an oatmeal-colored sweater over the button-up.

What's your current outfit obsession?


Friday, December 26, 2014

The Cutest Chocolate Shop

First off, I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! (Or a lovely December 25th if you don't celebrate Christmas.) In the days leading up to Christmas, my sister and I packed in some quality bonding. (I know she secretly likes it). We decided to head to our favorite little Chocolate shop, Cacao. Cacao is tucked away in a part of Atlanta called Virginia Highlands, which is home to a handful of cute boutiques and restaurants. It's most definitely one of my favorite parts of the City, besides Buckhead or Midtown.

Anyway, we were in for quite the afternoon when we headed down to Cacao, which has the best hot chocolate and macarons in the area; or in all of Atlanta, I should say. We ended up sitting and chatting by their Christmas tree for a good bit before doing a little bit of last minute Christmas-shopping.

Chocolate Bar at Cacao Atlanta in Virginia Highlands | tide & bloom

The shop itself really is quite homey. I could sit there all afternoon and not even notice the time pass! Well, as long as there's a constant supply of macarons and chocolate...

I had rosewater and vanilla macarons, while my sister had chocolate and vanilla. I always thought a rosewater macaron would taste weird, but as it turns out, they're delicious! They use a chocolate filling, which makes for a really interesting taste when put with the rosewater flavor of the macaron.

The hot chocolate was also the best hot chocolate I've ever had. Ever. Each sip had a different taste. Not kidding.

This picture really doesn't do the tree justice, but let me tell you, it was quite the adorable tree. It really did make for the perfect setting for a winter outing.

And of course, even the tiniest details of their window displays were perfect. I wish I had captured a picture of the entire window, but you'll have to trust me that it was great.

If you're ever in Atlanta or near Virginia Highlands, do yourself a favor and go to Cacao.


This post wasn't sponsored by Cacao, I just love it!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

26 Thoughts I Have While Wrapping Presents

I honestly love wrapping presents. To me, it's half the fun of picking out the gift! Every year, I gather the cutest wrapping paper, gift tags, and random adornments to top the gifts. But sometimes (a lot of the time), wrapping can get stressful and overwhelming and just not enjoyable because of how tedious it can be. (Especially when you're on your 15th gift and it's already been two hours...). Anyway, here are a few thoughts that generally run through my mind while wrapping.

1. This is going to be great. I've got my fancy ribbon, adorable gift tags, and the perfect plaid wrapping paper. Here we go!

2. Crap. I forgot the tape.

3. Okay, got the tape. Now let's see... Scissors! I need scissors!

4. Great. First present down. Just look at that bow! Somebody better call Martha Stewart, because I'm about to steal her job!

5. WAIT. I forgot to put a gift tag on it.

6. I wish I could write in calligraphy. That would really step up my gift-tag game.

7. Where did all this glitter come from?

8. Seriously. There's glitter all over my leggings.

9. And my cat.

10. Where'd my pen go?!

11. I just had it. Did my cat eat it?

12. I was sitting on it. Oh.

13. Alright, I've wrapped enough boxes. Time to switch to bags! #lazywrapper

14. I don't know if I like this anymore. Martha can keep her job, I guess.

15. Okay. I JUST had the scissors. Surely I'd notice if I were sitting on them...

16. I was sitting on them.

17. I hope my mom likes this oven mitt. And pot holder. And pasta drainer. And bowl.

18. Wait. Did I accidentally get my mom only kitchen supplies? What if she thinks it's only because I want her to cook for me?

18a. (I mean I do, but that's not the point.)

19. Crisis averted. I got her a bracelet too. It's okay.

20. I literally only bought my dad plaid shirts. And socks. Oops.


22. Literally only putting a gift tag on this one. Not even a ribbon. #sorrynotsorry


24. I was sitting on them again. How do I not have any holes in my leggings?

25. FINALLY DONE. Oh wait, I still have five more...

26. I'll make my sister wrap them.

What are your thoughts while wrapping gifts?


Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas List

With Christmas only a few days away, I wanted to share a few of the things on my list! I'm really hoping that there are a pair of Jack Rogers under my tree this year, because believe it or not, this girl doesn't have any! I've also been wanting to upgrade my camera (I currently use a Nikon d3100), hence the Nikon 610 below. And of course, I wouldn't say no to a new bag! Check out these great gifts in the links below.
Christmas List

What's on your Christmas list?


Friday, December 19, 2014

Goodbye Finals, Hello Holidays

My finals end today, and let me tell you, I couldn't be happier. This week, well this entire month really, has sent me through a whirlwind of feelings among the like of stress, anxiety, sadness, impatience, and some happiness in between. The end of the year is always an emotional time; things are winding down and you start to ponder all the decisions you made that year and how the paid off/didn't pay off. This December has been especially emotionally exhausting for the sole reason that it's my last December at home. This time next year, I'll have just come home from my first semester of college. (Crazy, right?) I'm just glad that I can finally say hello to the holidays.

too true!

Stress + Anxiety//I feel like these two go together pretty well. One source of this is pretty obvious, with it being finals time and all. Around last week, I got the overwhelming feeling that I didn't know anything and that I was going to fail all my finals, especially Economics. (But I ended Econ with a B, so yay!) After getting this feeling, I immediately plummeted into a state of zero motivation and therefore sat around scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest for a few nights. 

I did study, though, but even that caused me immense amounts of stress. I was being mean to my family, shutting out friends, and letting my room become an absolute mess (which normally drives me nuts.) What added to this, is that during the beginning of this week, about five of my friends were accepted to Ivy League schools, which sunk my self-confidence. I realize now, though, that that shouldn't affect me because they worked hard and deserve it. I really am happy for them.

What I wish I had known throughout all these stressful times was that it was only temporary. I felt as though I would be stressed out until the end of time, but it turns out the end of time just so happened to be my last day of finals. With that being said, I know in the future I'll still be stressed over tests and what not, but I hope to approach the stress differently, and with a more positive attitude.

Sadness//This loops back to the whole stress and anxiety spiel above. I was feeling sad because I felt as though I wasn't ever going to be successful when I was watching my friends get accepted into Columbia, Brown, etc. Then, someone told me that it's not where you go to college (for the most part), but what you make of it. I know that wherever I go, I'll be able to have the best experience possible as long as I don't take those four years for granted. 

Impatience//The theme of the day seems to be college, so I'll keep it going here. While studying, I couldn't help but think of college. I just wanted so badly to get out of my house and explore a new life in a new place. I wanted to be in a prestigious library, surrounded by all new people, studying for some incredibly interesting course. Then, I heard my sister laugh and I remembered how much I'll miss it here. Instead of coming home every day after classes, I'll only be greeted by a two-bed dorm room. I'm sure it'll morph into a type of home eventually, but it will never be the same. As much as I want to experience the next chapter of my life, I want to enjoy my time at home as much as possible.

Happiness//I'm determined not to make this post entirely depressing, so I wanted to share some snippets of happiness from this month. First of all, I was accepted into the University of South Carolina! Whether I go there or not, I'm just happy to have received another acceptance (the first was UGA) so that I can leave my options open. Secondly, my youth group did our annual White Elephant dinner party, which is always so, so much fun (and filled with laughter!) And finally, my family has been decorating the house for Christmas, and every time I see the lights on our tree, I get filled with joy. The holidays are always so happy!

How has your December been?


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dreaming of a Plaid Christmas

Ever since I saw this plaid skirt at J. Crew, I haven't been able to stop thinking about various outfit combinations for it, which is how this post came to be! As much as I love the summer, I must say that my winter wardrobe is far more exciting. I especially love layering sweaters with button downs, and all the different ways of styling Bean Boots.

I also find that I spend much more on my winter clothing than I do my summer clothing. Perhaps it's the enticing plaids and fair isle sweaters, maybe it's the abundance of socks I buy to wear with boots - who knows? Plus, there are always significantly more events to attend during the holidays than during the summer. I could definitely see myself wearing the look below to school, or even to a casual party!


What's your favorite winter wardrobe staple?


Monday, December 15, 2014

Styling Bean Boots with Marissa

I was delighted when Marissa from Makin' It With Marissa contacted me! She suggested we do an outfit collaboration where we each style our L.L. Bean Boots. (I've done a post like this in the past when I had just gotten the boots, but this will be a more wintry look!) 

My favorite thing about Bean Boots is that they go with everything. And I mean everything. I wear them with leggings, jeans, and even the occasional skirt/dress-and-stockings combo. You can dress them up or down, and they always make for a great Instagram photo :).

To check out how Marissa styled her Bean Boots, click here.

Don't forget to check out Marissa's post!


Saturday, December 13, 2014

How To Tie a Blanket Scarf

Marley Lilly recently sent me this blanket scarf (similar option here), and I was at a loss as to how to wear it. Not kidding, it really can function as a blanket! (Which is what makes it so cozy!) After a little research, I finally figured out what to do, so I wanted to share! Plus, this scarf is so adorable that I couldn't help but make a post about it.

1. Spread out the scarf.

2. Fold the scarf in half to make a triangle.

3. Take each end of the triangle and bring them behind your shoulders.

4. Cross the ends of the scarf behind your neck.

5. Bring the ends of the scarf forward.

6. Adjust as needed.

Tips for styling a plaid scarf: Wear a solid color shirt that is the same color as one color of the scarf.

Marley Lilly also sent me this great necklace!

The scarf is now unavailable, so click here for a similar option.

How do you style blanket scarves?