Monday, December 30, 2013


Today I realized I'm not quite sure what relaxation is. Sure, in the past I've been able to relax but my mind has always been focused on whatever my next task is. It'll be like: "Okay, I can look at pinterest for so long but then I need to do this."

It's possible that I've never quite relaxed because I've always been filled with anxiety about what I have to do later and what I could be doing then instead of just messing around.

Today, I physically couldn't do anything. I didn't want to do anything. I thought something was wrong with me until my dad mentioned that sometimes you just have to relax whether you like it or not. I kept on feeling like I had so much to do while I just laid on the floor for more than an hour. Maybe that's relaxing? I'm still not sure. But what I am sure of, is that I need to relax more and not stress as much. It sounds easy to do, but it'll probably be harder than I think.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Stress For No Reason?

Something I don't understand: the amount of time we are forced to put into dull and uninteresting work just to give ourselves some type of future.

What am I doing with this blog post right now? Procrastinating studying for my finals. Sometimes I wonder why on earth I am forced to take physics. Will I ever be a physicist? Or anything even remotely related to any science of any type?

That answer is one big NO.

Sure, we take courses like math and physics and biology to introduce us to the topic because maybe, just maybe, it'll spark an interest in us for a career later in life. That makes sense.

What doesn't make sense is that once you realize a life of calculus isn't the life for you, there's no way out. Legally, you're required to have X amount of credits in certain subjects. Why must we struggle through a course that will only hurt our self esteem and cause unnecessary stress?

Something else I don't get: the huge emphasis on getting all A's and taking as many AP courses as humanly possible. So what if I get a B in physics? Will that hurt my chances of having a successful career? These days, who knows?

What do you all think of the way our school systems work?