Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Making Memories: 5 Ways to Preserve Trips

Whenever I go on a trip or do anything fun for that matter, I find that memories fade much too quickly and soon all you're left with is faded thoughts, souvenirs and pictures to prove you ever did something or went somewhere.

So, I've compiled a few of the things I like to do when I go on trips or do something to make the memories last a little longer. 

ONE: Pick a new scent. 
This one sounds a little weird, but when I go on trips, I like to use a lotion that I've never used before on that trip. That way, when I go to use that scent from the trip later, it'll bring back the memories from the vacation. I find it so weird that smells, foods, and songs can bring so many memories flooding back. This definitely helps remember all the great times. 

TWO: Save the little things. 
You know all those little ticket or subway stubs you get? Or the tiny brochures or maps? Or even wristbands? For things like concerts or tours of places on trips, I like to keep the little things you get and put them in the wallet. The next time I'm rummaging through my purse to find my credit card, I'll catch a glimpse of a wristband from a 5k I did and I'll remember everything about it. 

THREE: Take tons of pictures. 
This one is important. When I say tons, I mean tons. You can always delete some later or put them on a flash drive. If you don't take pictures of everything, later you'll look back and think, "Dang, if I only I'd taken a picture of that." I always end up with hundreds if not thousands of pictures from trips. Going back through them a few months or even years later, it's so easy to remember all the fun we had. 

FOUR: Write about it. 
Whether this means writing in a private journal or blogging for all your friends and family to see, write about your favorite memories each day of the trip. Later, you'll love being able to look at your thoughts during your trip. This will really help bring back the good times. 

FIVE: Make a playlist. 
This one is sort of like the "pick a scent" one. Over spring last year, I made a playlist and that's all I listened to as I'd lounge on the sand or take a walk along the water. Now, every time I hear songs from that playlist, I'm reminded of warm beaches and salty air. (p.s. OneRepublic's music makes for a great playlist at the beach.) 

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