Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday 2013!

I'd say this year's Black Friday was a success. After eating tons (and I mean tons) of turkey and yummy food, my friend Morgan and I headed out around midnight to the mall. Sooo many people were there; much more than I expected.

American Eagle was 50% their entire store. Needless to say, it was wonderful. We headed to a shoe store and I found the perfect boots. And I mean perfect.

I've been searching for the right pair of boots for the longest time. Every time I think I've found them, there's always a problem. It's always something. In certain cases, they look super cute but they're made super cheap and I know one scratch will ruin the entire pair. That, or they'll just be plain uncomfortable. The other problem is that they'll be expensive and well made, yet there will be a detail about them that I just don't like- the color, a tiny buckle, etc.

These, however, are amazing. I found them at a shoe store called Call It Spring. I never would have gone in there on a normal day yet somehow I found myself drawn in by large, red sale signs and it was also 2:00 in the morning.

The other great thing: they had the pair in my size. I wear a woman's 5. I always have so much trouble finding good shoes in my size. I knew I had to have these the second I saw them.

How'd you all do on Black Friday?  

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Making Memories: 5 Ways to Preserve Trips

Whenever I go on a trip or do anything fun for that matter, I find that memories fade much too quickly and soon all you're left with is faded thoughts, souvenirs and pictures to prove you ever did something or went somewhere.

So, I've compiled a few of the things I like to do when I go on trips or do something to make the memories last a little longer. 

ONE: Pick a new scent. 
This one sounds a little weird, but when I go on trips, I like to use a lotion that I've never used before on that trip. That way, when I go to use that scent from the trip later, it'll bring back the memories from the vacation. I find it so weird that smells, foods, and songs can bring so many memories flooding back. This definitely helps remember all the great times. 

TWO: Save the little things. 
You know all those little ticket or subway stubs you get? Or the tiny brochures or maps? Or even wristbands? For things like concerts or tours of places on trips, I like to keep the little things you get and put them in the wallet. The next time I'm rummaging through my purse to find my credit card, I'll catch a glimpse of a wristband from a 5k I did and I'll remember everything about it. 

THREE: Take tons of pictures. 
This one is important. When I say tons, I mean tons. You can always delete some later or put them on a flash drive. If you don't take pictures of everything, later you'll look back and think, "Dang, if I only I'd taken a picture of that." I always end up with hundreds if not thousands of pictures from trips. Going back through them a few months or even years later, it's so easy to remember all the fun we had. 

FOUR: Write about it. 
Whether this means writing in a private journal or blogging for all your friends and family to see, write about your favorite memories each day of the trip. Later, you'll love being able to look at your thoughts during your trip. This will really help bring back the good times. 

FIVE: Make a playlist. 
This one is sort of like the "pick a scent" one. Over spring last year, I made a playlist and that's all I listened to as I'd lounge on the sand or take a walk along the water. Now, every time I hear songs from that playlist, I'm reminded of warm beaches and salty air. (p.s. OneRepublic's music makes for a great playlist at the beach.) 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Remember to be Grateful

For the past few days I've been visiting my grandparents in New Jersey. Although it can be slow around here sometimes, I just love listening to their stories. We don't get to visit them often since we have to fly from Atlanta every time, but every time we do visit, I learn so much more about the amazing lives my grandparents lived. 

It's easy to forget to be thankful for what you have. More often than not, I take the fact that I have a loving family with wonderful grandparents for granted. I know not everyone has the support system that I do, and I wish everyone could experience what I do every day. 

With this being said, I think it's important to wake up every morning with a grateful heart and a mind open to any opportunity that could come your way. You never know what could happen, so it should be said that you should always stay thankful for what you have. 

Now that's it's around the holidays, it's easier now more than ever to remember what we're thankful for, especially with the abundance of time we spend with friends and family. 

This Thursday, when we go around the dinner table and say what we're thankful for, I definitely know I'll have something to say. 

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Constantly exhausted. That's how I'm starting to feel these days. I don't know if it's the fact that I got into New Jersey via airplane only yesterday (to visit my grandparents) or the fact that school is kicking my butt this year. Whatever it is, I'm getting sick of the feeling. My main problem is that I can't get over the feeling that I have something to do. Everytime I finish one thing, it seems like three new tasks appear out of nowhere. 

Another problem is that I never know how to make time for myself. Right now, we're on thanksgiving break at my school until December 2nd. What's horrible, is that I've planned out a schedule for each day for things I have to do. I have so much going on that I can't even relax over a break! 

What I really need is for someone to tell me that everything will be okay if I don't do this or don't do something as well as I could. That way, I could finally take a break. But, we all know that's not going to happen. 

On a completely random note, isn't this wallpaper in my grandma's house adorable? 

Linking this picture back to what I was saying, while taking it I found that I was so tired that I had a hard time smiling. So naturally I ended up with this half-smile like thing. 

Saturday, November 23, 2013


It's that time of they year again. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, everyone and their grandmother is taking part in all the holiday madness, including me. 

I love the holidays; absolutely love them. Everyone is happy, the stores are decked out in red and white and there's something in the air that just gives off a feel-good vibe. 

Personally, I love the so-called "madness" that the holidays bring. Black Friday shopping, spending time with relatives; it's all great. I'll never understand why people complain about stores bringing out their Christmas decorations early. I say the earlier the better. (With certain limitations, of course.) 

Me with Santa when I was about 2 or 3. 

Here are some of my favorite parts of the holidays: 

• Christmas music: Every year, I look forward to the day after Thanksgiving for the sole reason that radio stations start playing Christmas music. (And Black Friday.)

• Black Friday: Shopping with amazing deals. Need I say more? 

• Starbucks holiday drinks: I know; probably the most cliché thing I could say, right? I just love these- especially the gingerbread latte and the peppermint ht chocolate. 

• Shopping for gifts: Besides picking out gifts for my friends and family, wrapping them in creative ways is half the fun! 

• Thanksgiving: Good food, good people, good fun. 

What's your favorite (or least favorite) part of the holidays? 

Thursday, November 21, 2013


We all have our dreams. Some are secret, and some, well not so much. Ask anyone I know and they'll tell you right away that I want to end up somewhere in LA working in the bright lights of Hollywood. 

But I've been thinking lately, and I've realized that I have a second dream that you can say is more on the secret side: I want nothing more than to live on the Upper East Side and spend my days wandering through Kate Spade and J. Crew while attending dinner parties every other night.

Sounds shallow, I know.

Loving this little print of the Upper East Side

After watching Gossip Girl, I fell in love with the New York lifestyle. There's something to it that I just can't get over. I doubt I'll end up in this life. I mean, there's a .0001% chance that that'll happen. It's not necessarily the life I want, but rather a life that looks like it'd be fun to escape to for a weekend every now and then. 

Truthfully, all I want out of life is to end up doing something creative in LA. Whether that's producing, or directing or anything along those lines, that's what I want. 

Focus Part 2

I wrote about staying focused yesterday. I'm writing about it again today. Again and again I find myself coming back to the topic of staying focused. It's not an easy thing to do, I'll tell you that.


Here are some things I do to stay focused:

ONE: Checklists
Checklists are a must in my life. Without them, I'd be completely lost. I don't know what it is, but there is something so fulfilling about checking a box after finishing a task. Truth be told, I make super long checklists just so I can have things to check off. I'll include little things like "organize pens" or "choose tomorrow's outfit."

TWO: Breaks
I have a hard time sitting still and focusing especially when it's something I'd rather not be doing. The important thing is to work hard for a long enough time to make a dent in your work but to make sure you are resting your brain along the way. I always notice how fried my brain gets if I don't take breaks. Some things I like to do that are short but fulfilling: brush my hair, wash my face, browse Pinterest, etc...

THREE: Motivation
I know it sounds silly, but I have a post-note stuck to my wall that says "Goal: Stay Focused." Whenever my mind starts to wander, I look up at my little sticky note and for some reason it gives me that extra push to keep going. Motivation can come from anywhere. A lot of the time, at the bottom of my checklists, I'll write in a reward such as "catch up on Grey's Anatomy" or "online retail therapy."

What do you all do to stay focused?

Monday, November 18, 2013

A Procrastination Post

      To be honest, I do my finest work under stress. My brightest and best moments are around the likes of 1 or perhaps 2 in the morning. It's quite an unfortunate habit because I wake up at 5 and always end up having to do some serious damage control for the bags under my eyes. 

So yes, I procrastinate. I'm procrastinating right now by writing this post. I COULD be doing my physics homework. Or I could be blogging. Obviously, I chose blogging.

Why do I procrastinate? It's a good question that I just don't have the answer to. It could simply be that I don't want to do the task I have to do. I mean, who really likes doing their physics homework? Not me, that's for one.

I don't think my problem is staying focused. Once I get on to a task, I'm unstoppable. It must be starting the task that gets me.

Oh well, back to physics.