Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Just Breathe

Pick two: sleep, good grades, social life.

It's impossible to pick just two. You want to be able to have all three yet that is just not an option. If you pick grades, you then have to decide whether you want to be the loner in the corner or the person that never sleeps. Pick sleep as one, and you either will do very well in school or very well in the social pool.

Personally, I'd choose good grades and a social life. Friends are important to me. I always have to be doing something no matter what, even if it makes me suffer from a lack of sleep. My weekends are always busy, no doubt. Grades are just as important. Anything less than an A is failing in my book.

It's hard to know that there is nothing I can really do about trying to keep things balanced right now. It's also hard to take a step back and just breathe sometimes.

just breathe

As a junior in high school, it's safe to say I have too much going on in my life than I should. I'm realizing that there is no balance to life because of the constant changes. You can never have a functioning and proportionate balance of sleep, school and friends. The best thing to do is to try and make it work and hope for the best.

So what would you pick?

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