Friday, July 19, 2013

Can I move to LA?

     After spending a full day wandering around LA, I've decided that I must move here. This morning, my dad's friend, who works at Fox Studios, showed us around Fox. We got to go on the sets of shows like New Girl and How I Met Your Mother. It was all very surreal after watching season after season of these shows and then walking where Zooey Deschanel walked. 
      After Fox, we made our way to the heart of Hollywood where another of my dad's friends showed us around a production facility where a lot of promo spots and movie trailers are cut and produced. It was all very cool. 
      So far, this trip has made me realize, to put it simply, that I have a very cool dad, to say the least. The people that I met today were clearly impacted by what they learned from my dad when they worked for him back in the day. It's really amazing to see this side of my what my dad used to do. Anyway, this is me on the set of New Girl: 

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